“Bhagwat Katha” Starts With Mangal Kalash Yatra Ghaziabad City


ANOI Bureau

Ghaziabad: A procession of women in coloured dresses with peatcher on their head, filled with water and covered with coconut in a dancing mood on the tune of folk music was an attractive feature on the streets of Ghaziabad  as a part of Bhagwat Katha starting ceremony.

This was a colourful event seen by Ghaziabad on Sunday,  when Sri  “Bhagwat Katha” was started with this procession in the city where colourful musical day was celebrated as part of festive mood to invite residents to show their love and affection to rich cultural heritage with rituals of dance, music and colourful band party, for beginning of this religious Katha based of Bhagwat, an epic of Hinduism.

The procession was started from Shiv Shakti Ganesh Mandir in Pratap Vihar area finally reached K- block area after moving in Rahul Vihar areas of Vijay Nagar zone. Hundreds of women and children participated in the above said religious procession. In this procession famous Bhagwat lautate and Bhagwat story teller Ms. Garima Kishori was also present with extra zeal and was looking extra energetic. This religious procession covered the entire Pratap Vihar area of Ghaziabad.

In the evening, when the Bhagwat Katha was started with the address of Bhagwat Acharya he spoken that whosoever participates and listen the Bhagwat Katha his all dreams are fulfilled.

During Bhagwat Katha, Area Councillor of ward No 15; Kripal Singh, Anurodh Gupta, Lakhan Lal Meena, Vijay Sharma, Madhav Panditji, Arti Sharma, Gayatri, Juhi Gupta, Shanti Meena,Mohit Soni with other noted citizens of the area also were present in the event and actively took part in this religious event.


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