Life will be pleasant with lovely, co-operative thoughts: Mata Sudakshina


@ Sudama Pal | Sr Sub Editor

Ghaziabad: “Everyone in the world wants peaceful and glorious life, but all of us make complaint against the society and atmosphere for our unrest. Indeed all of us are unrest because of ourselves. If we really want to have happy and peaceful life it may be only if we are purely by hearts from envoy, greed and anger etc. Life will be pleasant with lovely, co-operative thoughts.” said Sadguru Mata Sudakshina Savinder Hardev ji Maharaj here on Tuesday late night.

She was addressing first time vast Nirankari Sant Samagam in Govindpuram on Tuesday late evening. The thousands of devotees of Sant Nirankar Mandal from Delhi, Meerut, Modinagar, Hapur Ghaziabad and nearby cities.

Mata Sudikshna said, “The God is almighty and it can not be seen as it it ‘Nirankar’. It may be realised in spirit as you have own. Pity, help to needful persons, dedication to all humanity are the features of God. So try to be happy and lead a peaceful life.”


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