Global Hand Washing Day Observed


@ Saket Dinkar | News Editor

Ghaziabad: Global Hand Washing Day was observed in Santosh Medical College near Old Bus Terminal in Ghaziabad and the event seen many kind of activities including lecture on hand washing. In the said event importance of hand washing were briefed to all participants and also described what can happened if hand washing is not properly adopted and what kind of illness from which, one can be affected. Even medical students actively participated in event and made posters on hand washing covering various issues on the subject.

How hand washing practices are important well before and after nature call, before and after taking every meal, after touching Amy patients, before licking any infact or children, visiting public places, after touching unhygienic or filthy things were described in details and due to which what kind of infectious diseases or other wise one can suffer werealso highligted.
Further, it was briefed that hand washing is a healthly practice which prevents you from illness like cold, cough etc due to poor hygienic conditions and infection spreads thereof.

Out of observing this programme almost 500 people benefited and they learnt right way of hand washing covering 10 steps latest in the serious, as adopted and promoted by World Health Organisation (WHO). All the participants were also distributed soap strips free of cost and were properly trained due procedure of hand washing as per WHO guidelines.This kind of programme contributes a lot in public interests, seeing health aspects of common people, seeing heatlh being one of the most important factors of any one’s life.

In this Awareness Programme on hand washing, many specialists doctors and experts from Surgery & Microbiology departments highlighted various issue of healthy life, bow infectious diseases spread and what is important issue to keep yourself healthy were described on in interesting way.

The programme has seen many famous doctors of the city including g Dr Shalabh Gupta, Dr Kripya Bhagat, Dr Alka, Dr Dakshina, Dr Prakhar Dr Apurva, Dr Rajeev, Dr Amit besides some other doctors of Santosh Medical College and doctors associated with IMA unit, Ghaziabad.

While talking to “A News Of India” Dr Shalabh Gupta informed our News Editor, “it is a part of our commitment towards our society being doctors that every one must lead a healthy life and we the doctors have our role and responsibilities towards common people specially the marginalised section of the socity and to tell them how they can lead a healthy life with a bear minimum expenditure. Accordingly, this Awareness creation exercise was observed .On this very ‘World Hand Washing Day”‘. It was a very successful event and common people have shown their active participation in this Awareness Programme on hand wasing. We are also committed to the cause and concerned of common people residing in our country, specially in our city Ghaziabad. In future also, we will organise this kind of event on a frequent intervals.”


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