Call Police On 112 Instead 100


 ANOI Bureau/ Input Desk

Lucknow: UP Police will switch over to its new calling number 112 instead from hitherto 100.
The police assistance now be asked on calling number 112 instead of 100. This was decided by UP police from its Lucknow HQ through a communique issued.

This change on calling to police number is a part making universal number of police assistance globally. Infact, 112 number is being used world wide except in India as police assistance number instead of 100. However, number100 will also be continued for time being to create awareness in public for Calling police assistance, seeing emergency hellpine.

So if people dial either 100 or 112 for quite some time in near future, both the numbers will be connected to Dial 100 number of UP police to sought any kind of police assistance.


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