Taking Legal Tech Intervention to Tier 2 and 3 Cities, LegalKart on-boards 3500 Lawyers

Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, Founder & Ceo, Legalkart

@ Vikas Sharma I Sr. Journalist

In India, technology is empowering the legal system through digitization. A Digital legal system
is easily accessible and with artificial intelligence, it generates useful data for legal professionals
and the judicial systems. We are still at a nascent stage of legal technology adoption but the
change is already visible with 95% courts going digital. LegalKart, a simple to use, intuitive and
Artificial Intelligence-based App has helped in taking one step towards the digitization of the
Law Body by onboarding 3500 lawyers in 270 cities in India.
LegalKart has achieved this milestone in less than a year. It’s a handy system available at the
convenience of one’s mobile phone helping them to track their cases, add their clients, update
clients with real-time chat messages, add all kinds of costs incurred in the case and send
invoices with just one click.
Using LegalKart, a lawyer can manage team members, share documents with them, seek
assistance in real-time, add voice notes to their cases and receive important documents from
their clients. LegalKart is also like a Lawyer’s Social Network wherein you will find your
colleague, connect with them, share and accept all kinds of information and documents.
LegalKart is not just for workflow management but an end-to-end ecosystem wherein a lawyer
not only can manage its practice but also connect colleagues and potential clients to build and
grow their practice.
Dr. Arvind Singhatiya says “At LegalKart We desire to build products around legal practice
management and consumers. The objective is to facilitate the end consumer to access the best
of available legal services and support on demand with reasonable price and convenience.”
Delhi based lawyer Sandeep Dahiya said: “The app is great for young lawyers who have just
started and cannot get cases on their own. He says the number of cases he handles now is
much larger than before and as it is not expensive, it can be used by young lawyers who are yet
to establish themselves.”
This ecosystem is evolving every single day and LegalKart is working 24/7 to ensure a world-
class experience to professional lawyers.


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