Eco-Friendly, Reusable Sanitary Pads Promoted; Newer Generation Took Oath By GOGS


Saket Dinkar |Senior News Editor

Ghaziabad / Sahibabad: Ghaziabad Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society(GOGS) organised an oath taking ceremony on “Green Menstrual Drive” today at Sahibabad Medicare Center at Ghaziabad. In this “Green Menstrual Drive” around 250 girls took oath and
they pledge to switch to green menstruation sanitation options.

They also pledge to take care of  Mother earth for their whole life before  themselves to protect mother earth from pollution out of sanitary napkin which are hazardous for nature.

Dr Seema Varshney; President of GOGS, Dr Preety Tyagi; Secretary,  Dr Neha Agrawal ; Treasurer & Dr Rashmi Sharma have successfully organised this green initiative and came forward for oath taking ceremony to newer generation for using them reusable eco-friendly cloth based sanitary pads instead of disposal sanitary pads which are hazardous for our ecology and environment.  After educating newer generation on green Menstrual hygiene with eco-friendly cloth based reusable sanitary pads. 

This initiative is likely to prove very fertile and positive approach in the society for promoting green Menstrual drive and the result will certainly be positive and on the other hand this initiation will be cheaper as well as will increase potential of employment at rural level. If this initiation is promoted at national level, it will not only generate employment but will also promote medium, small and khadi & village industry and will also save foreign currency. Not only that if this kind of eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads are promoted at large scale GDP of the country will also increase and it will bring this sanitary pad to each house hold irrespective of rich or poor.

The sanitary waste disposal has become a burning issue for any country now a days. In Indian context it is big problem and very hazardous to disposed it off in healthy way.

Practically aout 500-800 years are needed to decompose sanitary napkin pads seeing it’s present use and the number of these disposable sanitary napkin is likely to increase manifold.
About 150 kg of non biodegradable waste is generated during reproductive life of a female. So we can imagine for the lives of around 65 crore of female.

This is high time to switch over  to other echofriendly options- like reusable cloth pads, Menstrual Cup, Biodegradable Sanitary pads etc. Which will not only be a eco-friendly but will also be a cheaper option as well as a pocket friendly options for almost all female whether they are living in rural or urban areas.

Dr Madhu Gupta, Dr Sarla Mehta, Dr Nalinee Garg, Dr Preety Tyagi, Dr Neha Agarwal, Dr Sarita Gupta, Dr Poonam Gupta, Dr Rashmi Sharma, Dr Rashmi Nehra, Dr Deepa Agarwal and Dr Shiwani were present on this oath ceremony functionsoecially organised fir our newer generation & made this event a very successful.

This event was organised well with long lasting vision of balancing with our eco system and maintaining our ecology and environment healthy for human life. Such Act of the GOGS was appreciated at all corners.


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