Most Promising Grooming & Styling Institute : Perrsona Finishing Academy founder Rupeksha D Jain


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Styling and grooming is the next boon in India, it has been the core of entertainment industry, a part of beauty and wellness and now also capturing corporate world, say Ms Rupeksha D Jain. Everyone wants to look good, wants to be confident and create an impact. Ms Jain, Founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy, was recently awarded for the most promising grooming and styling institute in India. The award was held in New Delhi during the International conference-cum award, hosted by Assocham.

The event brought across prominent personalities & industrialist from beauty and wellness industry as well as various other prominent figures from media and bureaucrats. The award was felicitated by Neh Shrivastava, under secretary to the G.O.I, Ministry of home affairs along with Mr Sandeep Marwah who is five times International Record Holder in Media, amongst the world largest producer of short films & Chancellor, AAFT University of Media and Arts.

Grooming is not just about looking good physically but it also involves creating a confident personality and an Identity of “You”. Hence at Perrsona we work both ways, we work on individuals on all areas of grooming, involving your looks, that’s makeup & styling (attire as per your body shape & personality), color analysis, body language, etiquette trainings, so one knows how to behave in social or corporate circle, communication which is personal & professional with impact, public speaking, speech and voice trainings.

Rupeksha is an image consultant and soft skill trainer, after completing her trainings from London and Singapore based institute she incorporated a lot of the advance techniques in building training modules which prove to be impactful.

Today, with the influence of social media, facebook and Instagram, everyone want to look perfect. There is tremendous boon in learning new things, creating a better lifestyle, building impactful personality, working on goals, health & fitness, seeking motivation etc., the world is becoming aware of the good and the bad and each one is striving to win and become a better version of themselves and that’s where Perrson comes into picture. We help people achieve their goals, become more confident, learn to build relationships, create win-win situation in personal and professional life.

We have been training students, women, corporates and individuals. We work on quality and not on quantity and hence conduct few but powerful secessions, having higher success ration (satisfied customers) than average industry output. Our vision is to make each individual well equipped with ethics, confidence and professional skills so that we can grow together as a nation. Hence our upcoming venture focus on Grooming India, ‘GroomIndia’.


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