Ghaziabad Police Strictly Implementing Lockdown, Taking Action On Violators


@ Saket Dinkar | Sr News Editor , Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad Police started taking action against all such violators who defy government complete lock down in Ghaziabad, in order to further spread of Corona Virus(COVID 19) disease amongst Ghaziab’ites, in it’s third stage I.e. community attack.

On the first day today, the Ghaziabad Police lodged 70 FIRs for violating lock down in the city. However, around 200 persons were named in the FIRs and around 1440 vehicles either were issued chalans and or were seized for lock down violation in the district, on the very first day.

Seeing the seriousness of spread of Corona Virus disease in the community, in third phase, most of the state governments including UP government had announced complete lock down in their respective territory, except for essential services from today onwards for next 3 days initially some had already imposed hoti March 31st 2020. But people found on the streets and road after 5 pm yesterday in form of groups after ringing bell or beating drums for thank giving to health workers and other personnel involved in fighting against Corona Virus, as it was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Infact PM Modi had asked the people of India to impose public curfew itself on 22nd March 2020 to fight against Corona Virus for almost 14 yours right from early morning 7am to 9 pm yesterday I.e. Sunday. People were asked to come on their balcony, door ir terrace and beat drums, bell rings for thank giving around 5 pm but people started coming on the roads in group triggering spreading of Corona Virus in form of community attack.

Seeing the velocity of seriousness, most of the state governments had announced lock down including Punjab, Maharastra, Bihar, UP etc. But, after thanks giving at 5 pm yesterday people came on the road in group chanting various slogans. Today also in the morning people seen on the road as a very common approach without the seriousness of the Corona Virus attack. Hence Ghaziabad police came into action, seeing the fear of spreading Corona Virus in the community and stared lodging cases against violators.


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