Danube Group will not part ways with Any of its Employees During this Pandemic


@ ANOI Bureau

New Delhi: Danube group has made the announcement of retaining all of its 3600 employees through the fallout of this pandemic. This announcement came as glimmer of hope for everyone working for the company through the ordeal of the outbreak and has taken one thing off their list of worries during these tough times making people  face something that has never been experienced before in this way.

While making this consoling announcement, the founder and chairman of Danube Group, Rizwan Sajan said, “Danube Group is the result of every ounce of energy spent by each of its employee and has been growing rapidly because they did not budge on their conviction of making it one of the biggest conglomerates across the region. That is why we have decided to retain each and every one employed by us through these tough times that has taken away people’s sleep at night. We really appreciate the effort that all of employees has made to build this company and will not let this pandemic make us sack our employees. So, we stand with our employees against this pandemic”.

When asked about the steps and measures that Danube Group is taking to compensate for the loss caused by this virus, he said, “As much as I would like to admit that losses are being incurred, the companies which have been investing in contingency plans, considering such financial problems have the potential to occur, are going to get through this and emerge stronger after it is over .My employees has made my company resilient to tackle situations like this before  and put measures in place already , making sure that work is not halted.”

Apart from that, majority of our businesses are related to construction sector which has been allowed to be operated under some conditions .So, we have been making partial revenue even when almost everything has come to a stop”, he further added.


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