Designer Rosy Ahluwalia, collaborated with Ms. Hitha Yelluru pop singer young Indian American girl, for a video album “FUTURE”


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: Designer Rosy Ahluwalia a pioneer to promote Khadi worldwide unveiled the poster of the pop song ‘ FUTURE’ written and sung by Ms. Hitha Yelluru, a youth icon from the US, a Songwriter, composer, singer. The music video is directed by a Young talented director from Chennai Mr. Yoagandran AR. The launch was on 13 March 2021 at Tauras Sarovar portico Hotel, Mahipal where BJP Leader Mr. Vijay Jolly was the Chief Guest of the event and other eminent guest presents at the event where Kawaljeet Kochhar Director, Taurus Sarovar Portico Hotel, New Delhi, Poonam Gupta from BJP, Dr. Namrata Ghai, Nipa Jain, Mr. Suneet Kalra was among the few guests who were present at the Poster release.
A young Indian American girl, Ms. Hitha, 16 years of age who is a youth icon in the US is in India. Miss. Hitha is the pop star that will change your outlook. As a pop sensation Hitha is applying her distinct sound to make a difference in the world and her community. Singing since she was four years old, Hithas blossomed into a young adult who recognizes music capability inspiration when its message is positivity. Hitha continuously lionesses positivity while experimenting with her music and personal style. Aside from promoting a cape diem lifestyle as a songwriter and performer, Hitha is passionate about ensuring the next generation’s voices are heard. Hitha says we can be the voices in our communities to help change the world and inspire those around us. 
Ms. Hitha Yelluru said “It is my pleasure, and an honor to be part of this gracious event. I am here with the mission of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” and Make in India products and my mission is to promote Khadi and the Handloom Industry by connecting with the youth and village women weavers and artisans through my music and DIKHA KHADI gave me an opportunity to fulfill my mission.
Ms. Rosy Ahluwalia Said It’s a great honor to be part of the song & I am glad that my designed Kadhi garments were used in the video album. I am glad to promote Dikha Khadi in India as Mahatma Gandi said “Khadi will be the sun of the whole industrial solar system”.
ICCR is doing a very good job in supporting & promoting traditional handloom and also supporting the initiative taken by Unite4:Good to bring Ms. Hitha from the US on the India tour and to make her connect with youth and children in India to make this world a better place with acts of kindness, compassion, peace, and happiness by using Music and Art as the medium of communication.


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