Unacademy educator Jaspal Singh honored with Indian Achievers’ Award

# Jaspal Singh has mentored lakhs of Indian youth preparing for GATE/ ESE and other competitive exams #Presently, Jaspal Singh is working with Unacademy, as senior educator


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Unacademy educator Jaspal Singh, known for mentoring lakhs of young Indian brains was honored with the Indian Achievers’ Award 2021, for his outstanding professional achievement and contribution towards Indian education. Singh received this award in a virtual event, and the honor was presented by Harish Chandra, Executive Director, Indian Achievers’ Forum. 

“We are very glad to present the Indian Achievers’ Award to Jaspal Singh, one of the most prominent educators in the country. Mr Singh as we all know is an impeccable personality, and he has mentored lakhs of students in the nation. We are presenting him this award for his contribution given to the Indian educational sector,” said Harish Chandra, after presenting the honor to Jaspal Singh. 

In his career, Jaspal Singh has helped aspirants for GATE/ ESE and other competitive exams to get into Public Sectors Units in the Civil Engineering domain. 

Jaspal Singh’s dedication towards students

Jaspal Singh has gained respect for his diligence and dedication towards the profession, and it has helped him to win the Indian Achievers’ Award. 

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“I am dedicating this honor to my students who loved me in this journey. Even though teaching is my passion, it was my highly ambitious students who helped me to gain rewards and recognition. I was just a guide. I tried to give my knowledge to students, and I made it sure that the classes are being carried out in an innovative and interesting manner,” said Jaspal Singh. 

Innovating traditional teaching methods

Singh also talked about how he is trying to introduce new techniques to make civil engineering an interesting subject. 

“Being one of the oldest branches of engineering, learning civil engineering may be boring for learners. To solve this problem, I keep introducing new pedagogies and think of different ways in which I can represent the same concepts to make them more interesting. The biggest motivator for me is the fact that aspirants look up to me. Their expectations from me and their hard work towards their dreams keep me motivated to keep going,” said Jaspal Singh. 

Singh also thanked his colleagues and family members for giving him sufficient support to reach this level of glory. 

He is a also proud achiever of the title, “Maximum UPSC qualified candidates mentored by an individual” under the India Book of Records.


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