Webinar on Prevention and Treatment of COVID 19 with Methylene Blue


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

In these times of COVID pandemic, no one has been left untouched by the ill effects of this dreadful disease. During these testing times, many people are also fighting back to defeat the pandemic.
The expert panel included Senior Pulmonologist Dr Deepak Golwalkar, who has over 42 years of experience. Dr Golwalkar, who is also known as the Blue Man of India, has been using Methylene Blue for treatment of lung related diseases for the last 16 years. He has been using MB for prevention and treatment of COVID 19 for the last 14 months and has treated over 6,000 COVID patients.

Dr Golwalkar was supported by senior Doctor, Dr. Jagdeep Kakadia, Dr. Ramesh Shah and Dr. Daryoush H Alamdari (From Iran). Dr. Alamdari has conducted Stage 1, 2 & 3 of clinical trials on MB for treatment of COVID in Iran and has successfully treated critically ill patients using Leuco Methylene Blue.
The Webinar highlighted the use of Methylene Blue in prevention & cure of COVID 19 and panel of Doctors shared their experience in form of well documented data and experience. They also referred to many studies from all over the World that have been done on all aspects of use of Methylene Blue to treat various diseases. Well documented and data based information was shared on the dosage and usage of MB for prevention as well as treatment. Many Doctors in the audience who have been using MB in treatment of COVID also shared their experiences in the chat box.

Overall, the Webinar was very well received and it gave a scientific, experience and study based ray of hope for prevention and treatment of COVID 19.
Anchored by Ms Shyamli Rathore (Anjanayy International), the Webinar was attended by many prominent personalities like: Mr Sandeep Marwah (ICMEI), Mr Gaurav Gupta (Lions Club Delhi Veg).


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