KIET Group of Institutions organized 5-Day workshop on OBE


@ Sudama Pal | Associate Editor

Ghaziabad: KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad organized a 5-Day Workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) Practices (Phase – 2) for its faculty members.

In continuation to this, an esteemed external expert Prof. N. J. Rao, Ex-Chairman of Centre for Electronics Design & Technology (CEDT), IISc Bangalore, delivered an online lecture on Outcome Based Education.

The workshop covered all the major aspects of Outcome-Based Education. On the first day, the concept of Outcome-Based Education and three domains of learning (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) were discussed with the faculty members.

On the second day, the importance of the Taxonomy Table, Structure of Course Outcomes, and Program Specific Outcomes were discussed. Hands-on exercise on the alignment of Course Outcomes, Instructional Activities and Assessment Items was done on the third day followed by an exercise on Course Outcomes Mapping with Program Outcomes and Program Specific Outcomes on the fourth day.

The workshop concluded with an exercise on assessment of Course Outcomes, Program Outcomes, and interaction of participants with the Director, Joint Director, and Dean, Academics of the Institute. Prof. N. J. Rao addressed all the faculty members and explained the importance of Outcome-Based Education. He delivered a lecture specially focused on the Alignment of Elements of a Course.

Dr. A. Garg, Director, KIET Group of Institutions emphasized on imbibing the correct Outcome Based Education practices in academic activities of the Institution. Prof. Dr. S.K. Tiwari stated the significance of the workshop and made the participants aware of the need for alignment of Course Outcomes, Instructional Activities, and Assessment Items.

The internal resource persons for the workshop and awareness program were Dr. Shailendra Kumar Tiwari, Associate Dean Dr. Atul Kant Piyush, Prof. Yaduvir Singh. The workshop was organized and coordinated by Dr. Prateek Gupta Dr. Pravesh Singh, Neelam Rawat, Honorary Captain K. P. Singh, Prof. Siddharth Jain,Vinay Ahlawat and Dr. Sonia Verma. A total of 65 faculty members participated in the workshop.

The workshop turned out to be a great learning and insightful experience for all faculty members in the domain of Outcome-Based Education.


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