Sunny leone Launches the next Generation line of Perfumes, Deodorants and Body mists under her banner Star Struck by SL


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Even as she packs a punch with her upcoming work – be it her Tamil film Shero or her next series Anamika, Sunny Leone has her eyes on her beauty line simultaneously, designing grand plans for the venture. In the latest, the entrepreneur actress launched  the next generation line of perfumes, deodorants and body mists under her banner Star Struck by SL. The line called Affetto by Sunny Leone was launched on  on Saturday, August 28, at a grand event in Gurugram, in association with Spraygrances Pvt Ltd. The elaborate 20-product line has perfumes, deodorants and body mists for different moods and occasions, personally curated by Sunny. The craftily designed perfume bottles are christened with unique titles – Rouge, Indigo, Blonde, Coal amongst others. The products in this line are for both women and men.

In a statement, the actress says, “I have been hoping to venture into fragrances ever since I kicked off my brand. It is indeed a long standing dream realised. The perfume line is an extension of my own personality. So the perfumes have hints of rose, musk, tangerine, magnolia. The goal wasn’t just to add another category to the brand but to introduce to people all over the globe, the world of high-end perfumery. Smells have a way of transporting you to a different world, old memories, a trip down nostalgic lane. I want to be able to offer my audience that very vibe in a bottle.”

Dheeraj Nagar, CEO of Spraygrances Pvt Ltd, adds, “It has been an absolute honour and joy to collaborate with Sunny on this line. She is an invested and committed entrepreneur. As a global star, she has a distinct sense of style which reflects in this range. We’ve worked for over a year to create this range. We are extremely thrilled that it’s finally going out to the world this weekend.”

In keeping with her theme for the brand and the mission, the perfume line was created to stand for inclusivity and refrained from animal testing much-like her previous products from the brand.

While the perfumes are packaged in curved glass bottles – both stylish and distinctly striking – the mists and deodorants are designed to be mobile and easy to carry around. After the grand launch on Saturday, the line will be available on her website post Saturday.


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