Prisoner injured in district jail: Moradabad


Diamond Yadav|Sr. Correspondent

 Moradabad: In the district jail of Moradabad the prisoner attacked another prisoner with a sharp weapon, in which prisoner Santosh was seriously injured, who was immediately taken to the district hospital for treatment, where doctors injured him. The prisoner is being treated, lodged in jail in the case of murder and robbery on the prisoner, the jail administration was stirred up by the information of the prisoner’s injury.  Even before the injured prisoner Santosh has been attacked once in the past as well, the jail authorities have got the injured prisoner Santosh admitted to the civil hospital.
  Santosh, who was lodged in the district jail of Moradabad district, was attacked by another prisoner on his neck, in which Santosh was seriously injured.  Sent to the district hospital where doctor Dua was being treated for the injured, same when the injured prisoner Santosh was informed about the incident, Santosh informed that he has been attacked once more in the jail in the past.  In which he had minor injuries, but this time he has been attacked with a spoon with the intention of killing him with a spoon, in which the prisoner has suffered deep wounds on his neck, he was immediately taken to the district administration for treatment.  Admitted to the hospital.


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