“Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra” Started at Pratap Vihar Ghaziabad


@ Saket Dinkar | News Editor ,

@ Sudama Pal | Associate Editor

Ghaziabad: Vishwabandhu Yog Trust, a registered trust started “Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra” at Pratap Vihar under Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad today on occasion of “Dhanwantari Jayanti”. This “Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra” at Pratap Vihar shall be operational on every Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm under supervision of world famous Ayurvedacharya of Gurukul Kangadi University Haridwar; Swami Shantanu Ji Maharaj, free of cost in public interest. Swamiji after travelling around 200 km from Devband will visit Ghaziabad on every Sunday to treat patients here.
Chief Trustee of the Vishwabandhu Yog Trust, Swami Shantanu Ji Maharaj who was basically M Tech from Orissa and was offered a job in Executive cadre from Rourkela Steel Plant at Rourkela 50 years back but he refused to join the said job and suddenly decided to leave his family home in Bolangir district of Orrisa for the service of mankind even through being a single child in his entire family. In order to fulfill the dream of his brain and direction of his “Guru” as a disciplined disciple, he came to Haridwar and done Acharya in 5 subjects and Master in two subjects besides Ph. D. and later on started working for cause of common people through Ayurved and founded “Vishwabandhu Yog Trust” and started serving people from famous Devband in Saharanpur district of western Uttar Pradesh. He is treating patients suffering from all kind of incurable and dreaded diseases including Cancer through Ayurved. Such patients who had been suffering from high diabetes and doctors at almost every hospital had suggested him to cut his leg to save his life but Swami Shantanuji Maharaj treated such patient through Ayurved besides changing his food intake and now the same patient is well and his diabetes in well within control without cutting his leg.
“Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra” at Pratap Vihar has been started to serve more and more people through Ayurved as people residing in metropolitan cities are facing more ailments and are badly affected by side effects of Allopathic medicine besides high costs of laboratories in testing of various kinds of samples including operation and other cost involved in Allopathic treatment where Swami Shantanuji Maharaj will treat all kind of patients suffering from incurable and dreaded diseases free of cost here at “Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra” at L-106, Sector-12, Pratap Vihar under Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad. Swamiji on occasion of “Dhanwantari Jayanti” in his opening speech described, “this nature has produced every thing and given us all such things in public interests and never demanded any thing in lieu of that. We the people are violating the creation of this nature and we are producing nothing just changing the form of it. When we will abide by the rules and regulations in form of following system developed by nature we will be healthy and happy. This nature has given us “Vanaspaty” to fulfill our day to day need and if needed given “Vanaushdhi” to treat all kinds of ailments. But hardly we know such “Vanaspaty” and “Vanaushdhi” as well. But due to limited knowledge of about Ayurved that too in the country of “Dhanwantari” Ayurved system of medicine still require due importance by common people and saving the cost of medical treatment.”
On this occasion, the area Councilor of ward No. 15 Kripal Singh presided over the function and asked people to get themselves facilitated of this “Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra”. People from various fields including social work, Government sector, public organization and local residents were present in the inauguration function were this “Prabudha Nirog Sewa Kendra” was inaugurated by Swami Shantanuji Maharaj. Large numbers of people welcome the Swamiji for his noble cause after garlanding him on the occasion.


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