WSCC strong foot hold in the west India, Mumbai

World Sikh Chamber of Commerce’s Mumbai Chapter Grand Coffee Meet, February 04, 2022


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

The World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC), a non-profit organization comprising a cross-section of Sikh entrepreneurs, professionals, Industrialists, and business owners.
We grow their business by facilitating them via virtual and physical Networking.
WSCC Founder & President Dr. Parmeet Singh Chadha is having a strong belief in getting more interactive meetings, so he introduced the concept of “COFFEE MEET”. Here members can fully explain their Business to other fellow members via introduction. They have full freedom of ASK – Attitude, Skill, and Knowledge. With snacks and coffee, our members enjoy a feeling of satisfaction as the degree of connectivity is very high by the end of the meeting.
They see ample opportunities for business growth. Coffee Meets are conducted at Chapter level as well, besides the global level.
A Grand Coffee Meet was organized at WSCC’s Mumbai Chapter on February 04, 2022 at Hotel Bindra Supremacy at Andheri.
Dr. Parmeet Singh Chadha Specialy went to Mumbai from New Delhi to attend this Grand Coffee meet.
Mumbai Chapter Meets are coordinated by WSCC General Secretary S.Gurpreet Singh Uppal.
Our Organization works on the value of ‘Sarbat da Bhala’, which means “May everyone prosper” or “Blessings for all” so they consider business opportunities for all and overall development of the society.


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