Meesho Aids Digitization of more than Seventy Thousand MSMEs in Delhi

Delhi saw an impressive 5X growth in the number of women sellers, highest across India


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi – In a bid to achieve its vision of enabling 100 million small businesses to succeed online, Meesho, India’s fastest growing internet commerce company has so far helped over 4 lakh sellers across the country digitize their businesses. Nearly 70% of all Meesho sellers come from tier 2+ cities, with strong participation from Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Of the 4 lakh sellers on Meesho, nearly 70,000 are from Delhi. The national capital boasts of the highest number of women sellers on the platform. Interestingly, Delhi also saw an impressive 5X growth in the number of women sellers, highest across India.

To further help sellers scale their online business, Meesho announced an industry-first 0% commission model in July 2021. As a result, sellers on Meesho saved over INR 2 billion in 5 months, between July – December, 2021. On an average, sellers on Meesho have seen their business grow by ~76% over a period of two years.

Lakshminarayan Swaminathan, CXO , Supply Growth at Meesho, says, “Meesho, through its innovative strategies has been able to create opportunities for seller communities throughout India. As a testament to this, we have witnessed a significant rise in the number of sellers being onboarded on our platform. We are confident that this trajectory will help us reach our ultimate destination, which is to enable 100 million small businesses to succeed online in India.”

With a mission to democratize e-commerce for India, Meesho provides MSMEs with the means to be financially independent. Priyanka Jaiswal, a Meesho seller from Delhi says, “After taking a sabbatical from my full-time job to devote more time towards family and my son, I started spending more time pursuing my hobby of designing jewelry. With my husband’s encouragement, I decided to start my own brand of fashion jewelry called Samriddhi DC (Design Creations). Little did I know that what began as a casual hobby would eventually transform into a flourishing business on Meesho.”

Starting out with earrings, Samriddhi DC has since expanded its catalog to include jewelry sets, bangles and other fashion accessories. Since 2018, when Priyanka first collaborated with Meesho, her business has grown by almost 400 times.

Priyanka aims to uplift other women through her professional journey with around 90% of the staff in her team being women. She credits the smooth functioning of the business to all of them. An able multi-tasker, Priyanka takes charge of overseeing the designing, management of stocks, and billing, while her husband handles the administrative side of the business. She considers it a matter of pride to be identified by her brand.

In future, Priyanka plans to expand her assortment with wallets, and subsequently include toys and apparel among others.


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