Sandeep Kapoor’s The Turban and Pattern Reaches Cannes Film Festival


Afak Khan / Correspondent

Sandeep Kapoor reached the Cannes Film Festival for the fourth time after the film Jugaad Anarkali Aara Wali and Bhosle. the producer from Delhi Sandeep Kapoor is very famous for making different types of films, his film Jugaad was based on the unauthorized construction of Delhi, the same Anarkali Aara Wali Main Sexual Harassment.

In the same way the National Award winning film Bhosale raises the problem of regional language people living in Mumbai, but this time Sandeep Kapoor has gone to Cannes Film Festival with two short films based on Delhi riots, The Turban and Pattern starring Kartikey Goel. Both his films have been highly appreciated at the festival, which is excited Sandeep Kapoor and he said that soon he is working on many more short films which he will make and put in the festival.


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