Smart Bharat Mall Reveals New Brand Identity


Noida: Smart Bharat Mall, a commercial landmark in Noida’s bustling neighbourhood, has been rebranded as Modi Mall. The company’s professional profile is represented by the new name and logo. The new logo design represents the company’s expansion and bringing the shift necessitated by the changing times.
Smart Bharat Mall was designed to maximise customer friendliness while also making the most of its 150,000 square feet of space. This represents one of the most significant transformations in India’s organised retail history, as well as Smart Bharat Mall’s commitment to putting customers first.
The new brand identity aims to strengthen and raise awareness of the Smart Bharat Malls platform among its employees, retailers, and customers and showcase the legacy and brand identity of Dr Modi. The new logo is modern, bold, and inviting, reflecting Modi Malls’ vision of better engaging current and prospective customers. Each vibrant colour of the logo represents a different emotion or concept, such as joy, excitement, freshness, life, magic, and, most importantly, happiness.
Dr. Modi, Founder-Chairman of the Dr M Modi Group, stated “The new identity brings to life a promise that we will bring something new, unique, and personal to our customers every day.” Furthermore, the rebranding will aid in the creation of greater cross-functional synergies. This ensures that everything we do is centred on our core values of Customer Centricity, Caring, Innovation, and Excellence.”

The pandemic’s lockdowns and social restrictions have had a significant impact on the organised retail industry. This has prompted Modi Mall to rethink its business strategy and seek innovative solutions to minimise disruptions and restore confidence in Indian business owners and shoppers.
We are overjoyed with the level of trust shown by our customers, which has resulted in continuous recovery and sustained growth. At the portfolio level, we have recovered sales and more than 100 percent of footfall, Dr. Modi added.
Modi Mall is based on the belief that a successful lifestyle center must be a pleasurable experience for both the occupants and their customers. Its ambience, combined with a pool of elegant retail, sprawling corridors, a world class multiplex and a large food court, offer a wide range of shopping and leisure activities. Modi Mall gives a new meaning to the family’s day out.


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