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New Delhi: Zashed is India’s first fashion and lifestyle architectural model. The firm with its D2C portfolio aims to build the brands from scratch being the first-ever D2C Brand Architects in the country building brands from scratch on an equity-based model under its Fashionverse converting each brand into a digital asset. With its brand portfolio, Zashed has started extending its wings into Global markets, the firm is now aiming to expand into the Middle-Eastern market. The digital transformation has helped the company to develop and prosper through D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) model. Moreover, covid-19 led people to shop from their homes in their comfort zones rather than moving out in scorching heat or foggy weather.
Moving into the middle-eastern market, Zashed has the intention of expanding the firm through the European market in the future. Till now, Zashed has prospered and expanded itself by developing 14+ D2C brands with holding equity in them. The firm is aiming to launch its D2C platform by the early end of 2022. This platform would play a significant role in dominating the consumer market which is a part of the fashionverse.
To develop and establish the firm, capital, and the way investment is done; matter the most. Zashed with aims to achieve 1.5 % of the 100-billion-dollar D2C market by 2025. The prosperous firm is planning to deal with companies related to fashion, Lifestyle, Jewelry & home categories.
Mentored and assisted by the energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur Mithun Bhardwaj, the firm is reaching the heights of success and helping other firms to compete in the global market. The firm has established itself by dealing with firms related to fashion exporters, manufacturers, fabricators, textile and processing houses, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. This helps the company to stand out in the crowd. Zashed’s CEO and Founder MrMithun Bhardwaj said “It was only a notion when I began Zashed to develop homegrown brands. We’ve progressed to the point where we now have over fourteen alpha corporations, we are very delighted to expand our venture in middle-east, and after accessing the Middle Eastern sector, we’ll go on to the European market as well.” He adds,” the world where your laptop asks you to confirm if you are a robot, is a super intriguing place to be in, technology is at an all-time high, if one is not connecting your business with technology today, they will poorer than the next generation financially and mentally both.”
Every brand is a new start-up with an invigorating concept and storyline wherein the selection of the right partner is extremely important.
Startups have become the trend and it’s mainly followed by youngsters and the shows like Shark Tank India have appreciated them and hold equity in the startups they invested in. The investments in Startups by the firm make the fills confidence in the hearts of entrepreneurs to build their firm from a startup to an established one. The market has funded various companies and is motivated by the startup trend running in India. A firm that is already established needs to just maintain its reputation around its audience; but a firm that has just crossed one ladder of success needs more assistance, guidance, and capital to build itself. Henceforth, it is more interesting to build a firm that has just stepped into the field of business rather than building the one which is pro in it. Zashed believes in the above theory and focuses on building startups. The firm has already established 14+ brands and is aiming to develop however is very selective in building partnerships as it strongly believes that the synergies should meet to scale any business and one should hold a growth mindset whether an employee or a brand partner.


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