Chief Secretary held a meeting with various civic non-governmental organizations across the state in view of the preparation of the Tricolor program at Har Ghar


Pramod Sharma: Poltical Editor

Lucknow: A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Shri Durga Shankar Mishra with various civic NGOs across the state in view of the preparation of the Tricolor program under the Independence Week organized on the nectar festival of India’s independence.

           Addressing the meeting, Mr. Mishra said that as per the instructions of the Government of India, this year’s Independence Day is very special.  This time from August 11 to 17, the country will celebrate Independence Week.  During this, it has been decided to hoist the tricolor at everyone’s homes, government non-government offices, institutions, public places.

            The Chief Secretary said that every section of the society, every section of the society, every social organization, public representatives, voluntary organizations, NCC cadets, Nehru Yuva Kendra, youth of the village, Mangal Dal, women’s voluntary organizations, sports judiciary, business organizations etc.  Everyone in their own way associated with Independence Week should be our endeavor.  Families of freedom fighters, martyrs, army and police martyrs should be honored by calling them in programs on the block in the district.

            He said that this is a big event for us.  Such an opportunity will come only after another 25 years.  Today is a chance for all of us to do something better.  Let the whole world see such a tremendous atmosphere.  Let no one go for a holiday on this unforgettable occasion of Independence Day.  The aim is that the Independence Week festival should not be just a government program but should be a program of every citizen.  There should be a festive atmosphere for the whole seven days.  It should be our responsibility to celebrate the elixir of freedom as a memorial.  Keep in mind that the national flag should not be insulted anywhere.  The flag which was hoisted should be kept as a memory of 75 years of independence.  Raising and descending of Khadi flags in government offices should be done by following the Flag Act.  There should be complete cleanliness at all these places during this period.  A special campaign should be launched for this.

           Appealing to the voluntary organizations of the state, the Chief Secretary said that all of you social organizations are doing service work among the public for years.  People take your words seriously.  You can take this program to as many people as possible.  Sports competitions, cultural programs, songs, music, Teej, all the events related to the festival should be associated with the nectar festival of Independence Day, Independence Day.  The victorious world tricolor lovely song and other patriotic songs written by Kanpur councilor Shyamlal Gupta ji should be sung aloud.  Children should be made to memorize the national anthem and national anthem along with these songs.  A special campaign for cleanliness like Diwali should be run on Independence Day.  Tell people the utility and importance of freedom.  Perform a program of honor to the workers, laborers, people doing service work in homes, Swachhagrahis who give construction of the country.

            He said that the tricolor is a symbol of honor, pride and sovereignty of our country.  It needs to be made a campaign of the people.  For this, publicity should be given on a large scale.  This is a time of determination and inspiration for us.  Hope you all inspire everyone by meeting with the rest of your team.  Everyone will make the Independence Week, Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan a success with full energy.

            On this occasion, Principal Secretary Tourism and Culture Shri Mukesh Meshram and District Magistrate Lucknow along with other senior officers and officials of various civic NGOs were present.  Top officials from other districts and officials of NGOs were also connected through video conferencing.



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