Unemployment can be removed by educating youth and women in rural areas : Dr. Divya Tanwar


Dr.  Divya Tanwar

Pramod Sharma || Editor | News Desk

Today the whole world is facing the problem of unemployment, while unemployment in India is also increasing continuously.  The waves of Corona epidemic have made crores of people unemployed, due to which educated youth are roaming unemployed today.

While many social organizations are coming forward and working to solve this problem, Dr. Divya Tanwar has made a remarkable contribution to the society by giving employment to many youth and women in India.  Especially in rural areas, it has been a step in spreading awareness and enabling people.

Dr. Divya Tanwar is the founder of Divya Foundation, and the director of Sanskriti University.  She is a cyber security expert and has authored books like “Management Information Systems”, ‘Database Management System’, and ‘Cyber ​​Crimes: A New Threat to Society’. Dr. Divya Tanwar is very dedicated towards social service and her NGO –  Divya Foundation promotes skill development of women and girl child and is always ready to guide the students for their bright future.

The objective of Divya Foundation is to make women and girl child from the underprivileged section of the society financially capable by training them with appropriate skills.

“I wish for a country where everyone is empowered and can do something better in their life.”  Dr Divya Tanwar

Divya Foundation opposes social, mental, and domestic oppression on women and also tries to protect women from domestic violence by educating them about their rights, and legal, medical and mental support when needed.  provides.


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