RTO Ghaziabad has achieved a lot in 2022

Ghaziabad RTO became second largest revenue earning RTO district of UP


By Dr Saket Dinkar, News Editor

Ghaziabad, 30th December 2022.

Year 2022 is about to end. No doubt many things were not good enough after Corona. But RTO Ghaziabad has achieved a lot in this calendar year after new ARTO(Administration) Sri Rahul Shrivastava assumed the office of ARTO, Ghaziabad. The foremost and an important achievement is that RTO Ghaziabad has become second highest revenue earning district of the state in the present year.

When Sri Srivastava had been posted to Ghaziabad, it was so many important issues and priorities which were pending in pipelines from years, right from School buses issues including fitness, running of school buses without permit/fitness, Licensing issuing, transparency in conducting of driving test for various classes of vehicles, violation of traffic rules, regulations, overloading, permit violations, issues of RTO dalals/agents, free movement of Agents/dalals inside RTO Office on the tables of clerks, holding of official files by these agents/dalals, full functioning of all cameras already installed in RTO office and so many things which were there in the past.

In spite of so many issues, the RTO Ghaziabad has achieved a lot in this calendar year due to keeping of positive vision and constant hard work of staff personnel and all of the above said issues which were duly taken care at every level and the results have already started coming and subsequent changes and transparency has been seen in the day to day functioning of RTO, Ghaziabad.

Revenue collection is the second largest in UP

The RTO Ghaziabad has become second largest revenue collection district with collecting a sum of Rs. 3981.10 which was Rs 3408.73 in the following year up to December ’21.

Major Achievements related with Licensing


Amount/No(in 21)

Amount/ No(In 22)

Left over

Total Vehicle Regd.



New DL issued



Renewal of DL



No of School bus fitness checked verified


Only 58 left earlier 300 buses were plying without fitness test.

Revenue collection in Rs



No of Total Electric buses registered


46(5 routes)

City Electric Buses:-

The major achievement of Ghaziabad RTO can be described as running of City electric buses which are now catering the need of city transport services without pollution and these electric buses having 46 in numbers are catering to 5 routes run by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam. Not only this, a major electric bus charging station has also been developed at Akbarpur-Behrampur, Vijay Nagar near National Highway 9(earlier24).

The RTO Ghaziabad has already issued a total numbers of 72976 driving licenses this calendar year which was only 49973 in the previous year. However, a record number of learner license have also been issued by RTO Ghaziabad which is a remarkable achievement till 28th December, a total number of 1,07,677 vehicles were newly registered at RTO Ghaziabad, which is also a record number of vehicles registered in the district.

A total number of 23,438 Driving licenses were renewed in the present calendar year which was 28,266 in the previous year. When Sri Rahul Srivastava had took charge as ARTO(Administration) running of school buses without due fitness/permit was a very important issue. Sri Srivastava listed out his priority about these school buses fitness test and almost every schools were sent notices for conducting of fitness of their school buses. After sending notices, the maximum school buses sent their school buses for appearing for fitness tests and now only 58 numbers of school buses could not appeared in fitness test which shows these school buses have either crossed the 10 or 15 years of life limit specified for diesel/Petro/CNG buses to be plying in Delhi-NCR region as per NGT judgment/guidelines and or these buses are not road worthy and hence not required for roadworthiness or fitness test. Earlier around 300 school buses were plying on roads of Ghaziabad without paasing fitness test. On the aspect of revenue collection, the RTO Ghaziabad is the second most earning revenue in the state of UP. This is again a remarkable achievement for RTO, Ghaziabad. On the issue of of starting E-rickshaw’s training Centre at Ghaziabad, a meeting of e rickshaw operators by ARTO(Administration) was convened and two proposals for starting of training centre for e-rickshaw operators have been forwarded. Hopefully, the issue of e-rickshaw operators has now been resolved and issuing of commercial license for e-rickshaw operators will soon be started once the proposal is approved by state authority, Lucknow.

Proposed programme of RTO, Ghaziabad for 2023

On asking for the priority areas of RTO Ghaziabad for 2023, Sri Rahul Shrivastava informed Anewsofindia, “ serving to public with due public interests shall be always on the high on his agendas besides covering maximum revenue collection for the district office. On the other hand, awareness for online services of RTO, Ghaziabad would also again be given his due priority areas in 2023 and people of Ghaziabad would be served with utmost care with constant support of all staff members of RTO, Ghaziabad.We have also developed a better working culture and all cameras are fully functional and movement of dalals/agents inside RTO office has also been restricted. Any body if he/she is facing any kind of problem in the office must contact me in my office I am there to serve them with due sensitivity. We will take care of each and every input received by me personally with utmost care and would also be redressed with top priority with time line and immediate action on the grievances would be initiated.”


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