Sadinama Publication, Kolkatta Promoting Indian Culture & Literature Participates in Book Fair 23


Dr Saket Dinkar | News Editor

Ghaziabad/New Delhi/ Kolkatta:

Sadinama Publicaton of Kolkatta promoting India culture & literature had arrived Ghaziabad on 24th February to prepare for book stall and participate in 31st New Delhi World Book Fair held here at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan at Stall No. 264 in Hall No. 2 from 25th February to 5th March 23.

The team of Sadinama Publication Kolkatta under leadership of its head and publisher Sri Jeetendra Jitanshu and Ms Meenakshi Sanganeria arrived at Ghaziabad and were hosted by city famous laurate Sri Vishnu Saxena at his residence at Shastri Nagar.

On the arrival of Sadinama team memers; Sri Jitanshu and Ms Meenakshi at the residence of Hindi laurate and famous writer Sri Vishnu Saxena’s residence; Sri Saxena himself briefs to A News Of India’s correspondent, “Sadinama Publication Kolkatta under dynamic leadership of Sri Jeetendra Jeetanshu and Ms Meenakshi Sanganeria are promoting our Indian culture and literature globally in excellent manner hence I, alongwith my wife; Mrs Veena Saxena who is also connected to literature and teaching are promoting them and invited at our residence seeing their hard work in this field. We extend our warm welcome, full support and our good wishes are with Sadinama Publication Kolkatta and its team for its great success in New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 from 25 February to 5th March 23.”

Wife of laurate and famous writer of Ghaziabad Sri Vishnu Saxena; Mrs Veena Saxena also briefs to A News Of India, “we extend our full support and warm welcome to Sadinama Publication Kolkatta and its promoters Sri Jeetendra Jitanshu and Ms Minakshi Sanganeria for promoting our India culture and literature and they are working hard so we are with them. In order to protect and promote our literature for future, we must promote and support our culture and literature from house to house to make it available for we all at every level. In this connection our role is also very importance so we are always with Sadinama Publication Kolkatta and Sri Jeetendra along with his team as they are working hard in the field of culture and literature.

Mrs Saxena who had retired as Senior Teacher from government schools and is still very active in social work and even after her rerirement, she taught some students free of cost.

Meanwhile Sadinama publication kolkatta participated in book fair with its 127 titles and have sold almost 50 percent of books brought here from Kolkatta for the fair. Their three titles; “Lalan Fakir” , “Azadi Ke Anmol Dastan” , “Sadhak Kabhi Lalan Kal Uttar Kaal” and “Nariyon ki Dasha aur Disha” were sold in large numbers unexpectedly. The book on freedom movements covered right from 1819 to 1947 and have covered all freedom movements and have also covered many freedom fighters who were hereto untouched by any one. Sri Jeetendra Jitanshu is widely known in bangla dialect as “Kabir of Banga”.


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