Mukhtar gang shooter Sanjeev Jeeva shot dead in Lucknow court


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Sudama Pal @ Associate Editor

Lucknow / Ghaziabad. Criminal Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva, who appeared on Wednesday in the court located in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow, was shot dead. The attacker came in the dress of a lawyer. The police arrested the accused from the spot. He is under interrogation.

A two-year-old girl and a policeman were injured in the firing by the assailant. After the murder incident in the court, the lawyers got angry and they pushed the policemen out and closed the gate.

CMS Dr. GP Gupta of Balrampur Hospital said that Jiva Maheshwari was brought dead to the hospital. The body has been sent for postmortem. He told that the 2-year-old girl was shot from behind. His condition is critical. He is being referred to the trauma center after giving initial treatment. While the policeman has suffered minor injuries and his condition is out of danger.

Jeeva was close to notorious gangster Mukhtar Ansari. He was lodged in Lucknow Jail. Recently, the administration had also attached his property. Jeeva was a resident of Muzaffarnagar. In the initial days, he used to work as a compounder in a dispensary. Later the owner of the same dispensary was kidnapped. After this incident, Jeeva also kidnapped the son of a Calcutta businessman in the 90s and demanded two crore rupees as ransom.

After this, Sanjeev Jeeva joined the Nazim gang of Haridwar. Later, he started committing crimes along with Satendra Barnala. Jeeva’s name cropped up in the murder of BJP stalwart Brahmadutt Dwivedi on February 10, 1997. Jeeva was sentenced to life imprisonment in this case. A few days later, Jeeva joined the Munna Bajrangi gang. During that time he came in contact with Mukhtar Ansari. While Mukhtar was fond of state-of-the-art weapons, Jeeva had a clever network to collect weapons. That is why he had the support of Ansari.

After this Jeeva’s name also came up in the Krishnanand Rai murder case. Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva was also said to be a close associate of Munna Bajrangi. Bajrangi was murdered in Baghpat jail in 2018. He was lodged in Baghpat Jail as a convicted prisoner


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