Lalpura’s selective vision sees only SGPC, completely blind to bankrupt DSGMC: Sarna


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi— Delhi Akali chief Paramjit Singh Sarna castigated NCM chairman Iqbal Singh Lalpura for pointing fingers at the SGPC’s expenditure but staying completely silent on the bankruptcy of the DSGMC and the collapse of Sikh schools affiliated to it.

His comments came in the wake of Lalpura claiming the SGPC bought a property at Sri Anandpur Sahib at a premium price.

“Sardar Lalpura suffers from selective blindness. He can see what the SGPC is doing with its revenues but his vision gets blurred when it comes to the complete bankruptcy of the DSGMC run by Harmeet Singh Kalka and MS Sirsa,” the Panthak leader said.

He challenged Lalpura to speak up about the debt burden of 330-plus crore on the DSGMC under the Kalka-Sirsa duo.

“The Sikh schools affiliated to the DSGMC have collapsed and will soon be de-recognised. Sardar Lalpura must express his concern over the destruction of heritage Sikh institutions in Delhi presided over by Kalka and Sirsa,” the Panthak leader said. “But if Sardar Lalpura cannot utter a word about the sorry state of the DSGMC affairs, he has no business whatsoever to talk about the SGPC and its spendings.”


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