Auretics Introduces its Visual Aid “Chalo, Aur Paise Banayein”


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Delhi – Auretics Limited, India’s fastest growing direct selling company and a leading provider of day-to-day solutions announced the launch of its Visual Aid, “Chalo, Aur Paise Banayein” in the presence of honourable figure Mrs. Poonam Sinha.

The dream of making each and everyone financially independent is the moto of this visual aid. It is like a helping hand that shows how you can earn money being womenpreneurs as well. It also shows how to become an amazing leader in your teams. It clearly laid down steps to help grow your business fast. It also talks on how many homemakers joined us and become womenpreneurs in just few days.

Auretics has always believed in women power and wants to make sure you always excel in your business journey by being financially independent. The “Chalo Aur Paise Banayein” visual aid is a big step towards the same. It is like a treasure map to success, made especially for you.

Arjun Gupta, CEO, Auretics, said, “We are super excited about this visual aid. We are not into the business of selling, rather we are in the business of sharing and therefore it is our responsibility to promote womenpreneurs in our country.”

Auretics CTO, Mrs. Karishma Gupta said, “Women has a dual responsibility of managing both home and work and we want to make them independent and give them back their lost confidence. Our visual aid is the right business tool that can help them grow exponentially.”

Marketing Expert Mr. Akshar Yadav said, “Developing homemakers makes a family financially sound and enhances their personality as well. Our efforts are helping in creating a better society and a sound nation.”


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