Sanatan’s opposition, a well-planned conspiracy !


By Vijay Sharma (Social Analyzer)
A few years ago, a debate started in India regarding ‘intolerance’, which continues even today. ‘Intolerant’ means not tolerant. This baseless allegation was leveled against the majority Hindu community of the country, which believes in Sanatan Dharma, by some faces, institutions and politicians who are allegedly looking for grounds for appeasement, who are considered intellectuals. Whereas India’s culture has included tolerance, love and patience since ancient times.

After independence from British rule, Pakistan separated from India and became an Islamic nation on the basis of religion, but India, despite its Hindu majority citizens, gave place and respect to all religions as a ‘secular nation’. Was this not the ‘tolerance’ of Hindu majority Indian culture? Sanatan Dharma, the root of Hindu culture, gave the message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ to the whole world. This one announcement is enough to prove all such allegations baseless. Despite this, even today Sanatan Dharma, Hindu and Hindutva are being deliberately attacked continuously.

Nowadays, Hindutva is separated from Hindus to search for vote banks. Sometimes ‘Sanatan Dharma’, the basis of Hindutva, is being called a disease. Somewhere in the name of socialism, religious texts of Sanatan Dharma are insulted and burnt. If we look at these incidents together, then by interpreting Sanatan, Hindu and Hindutva differently, the motives to serve political interests can easily be seen.

For the sake of appeasement politics and cheap publicity, some self-respecting politicians within the country attack the faith of crores of people of Sanatan Dharma without any fear and remain safe. If this is not the tolerance and generosity of Sanatan Dharma then what is it? These provocative acts can hurt anyone and inspire a reaction, then the so-called intellectual lobby is also ready to spread false propaganda by calling it saffron terrorism. Shouldn’t this be called a well-planned conspiracy to defame Sanatan Dharma and divide it?

At a time when there are many examples of violent ideologies of other religions in the country and outside the country and violence and killings on questioning or criticizing religious books, then without any fear, Sanatan Dharma and the Hindu community that follows it are insulted in any way they want. going . Because Hindus avoid fanaticism on religious grounds. Their Sanatan Dharma preaches to protect human life and consider war as the last option. How much will this generosity and patience be tested?

The manner in which Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and a minister in the government in South India, has compared Sanatan Dharma to diseases like AIDS, dengue and malaria and has said that it will be eradicated is directly insulting the sentiments of crores of Sanatani people of the country. Does. In Uttar Pradesh, the birthplace of Ram and Krishna, opportunistic leaders like Swami Prasad Maurya of Samajwadi Party are gaining publicity by insulting Ramayana and Geeta. They call Hinduism inferior and deceitful and remain in the party because of its generosity. The Education Minister of Bihar Government is directly challenging the faith of crores of Ram devotees by calling Ramcharitra Manas a poison like potassium cyanide. These people, craving for cheap publicity, know that unlike other religious people, Hindu society does not protest violently.

The question is also that despite living among crores of Sanatani Hindus, the freedom with which such statements are being made without any fear, has the Constitution given that freedom? If this had been the case then Nupur Sharma, who questioned the Muslim scriptures, would not have been living a life of anonymity due to the fear of murder. A tailor in Rajasthan would not have been beheaded in the middle of the market just for supporting Nupur on social media.

Today in the country, dozens of cases are registered in any state for making a small comment on any other religion, but despite raising frenzied slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ and insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses, the religious mob does not face any legal action. There is no fear of. Is this freedom of expression given only to target Sanatan? Are these not attempts to convert a liberal ideology into an extremist ideology?

In such an environment, if Hindu organizations raise their voice in protest even constitutionally in their own country to protect Sanatan Dharma and their rights, then they are accused of intolerance and saffron terror. There is no limit to double standards and shamelessness but it seems as if there is no limit for those who oppose Sanatan.

Sanatan and anti-Hindu statements should not be seen as directly Hindutva by confusing and provoking the large population of India, but as a well-planned conspiracy to weaken the country. It is worth remembering that Sanatan Dharma is the soul of India, the basis of Hindutva. India’s development cannot be imagined without this.

In such a situation, when there is a government at the center which respects Sanatan, then ‘Sanatan Board’ should be formed for the benefit of Sanatan Dharma. To protect the religious sentiments of the Hindu community in India, ‘blasphemy’ law should be implemented against insulting Hindu gods and goddesses.

State governments should also decide that no one should have the right to insult the religious sentiments of the majority Hindu community. Liberal Sanatan for stability and peace in the country


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