Fusion Snack Mr. Makhana’s Classic Bhel


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

“Introducing Mr. Makhana’s Classic Bhel – a fusion snack revolutionizing flavors! This unique blend combines multigrain chips, crunchy peanuts, puffed rice, and Makhana, all in one pack.

What makes it stand out? Thoughtful packaging with two distinct chutney pouches: zesty green and tangy tamarind. Each pack includes tissue paper and a paper spoon for mess-free indulgence.

This snack harmonizes crunch and taste, appealing to health-conscious and flavor-seeking snackers. With nutrient-rich Makhana and multigrain chips, it’s a deliciously wholesome choice.

Mr. Makhana’s Classic Bhel redefines snacking, offering convenience and innovation in every bite – perfect for quick office munching or delightful home snacking!”

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