Sufi Traditions and Modern Music Converge at Be Together Studio’s Launch, Set to Showcase New Artists


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Launching this musical journey, Be Together Studio featured songs of Salman Ali and Sunny Hindustani along with songs of Sagar Bhatia, Bismil, Yashraaj Kapil, Shaheen Salmani, Ashwani Basoya, Shahid Khan, Neeraj Dhall, Mayank Nagpal, Abhinav Narula, and Lovish Sheetal.

New Delhi, 6 January,2024: In a groundbreaking initiative in the music industry, Be Together Studio announced the launch of its inaugural season through an immersive experience, bringing together outstanding Sufi music artists on a single platform. This unique initiative showcases an extraordinary fusion of Sufi traditions and modern music.

Launching this musical journey, Be Together Studio has curated a stage featuring 14 versatile artists, including Sagar Bhatia, Bismil, Salman Ali, Sunny Hindustani, Yashraaj Kapil, Shaheen Salmani, Ashwani Basoya, Shahid Khan, Neeraj Dhall, Mayank Nagpal, Abhinav Narula, and Lovish Sheetal.

With its extensive reach, Be Together Studio is set to establish its presence in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. The studio’s first tracklist, crafted by lyricist Arjun Sarkar and music producer Arjit Srivastava, comprises 12 Sufi songs, each narrating a unique story.

“Be Together Studio is a platform where artists express their stories through their music. Each composition is like a beautiful painting,” remarked the founders, Mr. Mohit Goyal and Mr. Jatin Goyal. They added, “Be Together Studio is a spiritual revival, reminding us of the integral role music plays in our lives. It offers a new perspective on observing and understanding the world around us.”

Mr. Mayur Agarwal and Ms. Deepa Agarwal, the founders of Be Together Studio, dedicatedly established this platform to preserve and promote India’s Sufi music heritage. The studio aims to make Sufi music accessible to new audiences, emphasizing its spiritual and cultural significance.

“While expressing his thoughts on this initiative, Mr. Mayur Agarwal, the founder of Be Together Studios, said, ‘I am quite happy to launch the Season One of Be Together Studios. After almost a year of hard work, our dream has come true. Our journey includes every shade of music, from Sufi to Punjabi and contemporary, that will make you laugh, cry, and also bring peace. It’s not just some musical notes; it’s a universal language that connects all cultures. Through Be Together Studios, we will provide a platform to new aartists andtalented individuals, so they can showcase their art to everyone.'”

Indian Idol winner Sunny Hindustani and musician Arjit Srivastava jointly stated that such initiatives not only provide a good platform for artists but also give music enthusiasts a chance to listen to better music.

Mr. Amit Singh, founder of Event Daddy and a stalwart in the event industry, contributed significantly to realizing this musical project.


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