India’s first National Conference on Child Rights


Vikash Sharma | Sr. Journalist

New Delhi. CyberPeace, in collaboration with UNICEF, took significant strides toward creating a safer cyberspace by organizing the National Conference on Child Rights, Trust, Safety and Well-being in Online Gaming and eSports in India. The conference served as a platform for discussions surrounding the opportunities and challenges presented to children and the Online gaming industry and eSports. One of the pivotal moments of the event was the discussion of the establishment of an independent Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) Framework and CyberPeace guidelines for the Online Gaming and ESports Industry, aimed at striking a balance between innovation, Child rights and wellbeing. A Comprehensive study of the transformations in Online Gaming and esports trends and their implications was released.

Vineet Kumar, Global President and Founder of CyberPeace delivered the welcome address, by setting the tone for the conference’s objectives and importance of Child Rights, Well being, Trust and Safety in relation to Online Gaming and Esports. Dr. Shuli Gilutz, Programme Officer (Child Rights & Digital Business), Business Engagement and Child Rights, UNICEF, presented a presentation on the well-being of children in digital gaming. She focuses on the fact that children are having a digital life now and it’s important to protect their well being in digital life and help them to be safe and secure. Well being is different from child right and its individual perspective that how a child is experiencing its life. We are now focusing on the well being in e gaming of children. She discussed a project by UNICEF for the well being of children.

Ms. Stuti Narain Kacker, Former Chairperson, of NCPCR, Government of India, shared insights into the regulatory landscape concerning child rights in the online gaming sector. She mentioned how students are involving themselves in the world of gaming nowadays and what precautions we should take as parents and as kids.The conference provided a comprehensive platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices in eDigital Wellbeing: Navigating Challenges in Online Gaming. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Stuti Narain Kacker, Former Chairperson, NCPCR, Government of India, and was attended by Dr. Aparajita Bhatt, Director, Centre for Cyber Laws, National Law University, Delhi, Ms. Vineeta Garg, Teacher, SR DAV Public School and Dr. Rajesh Sagar, AIIMS.

Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Ph.D. IIT Delhi, Fr Member MAG United Nations Internet, Governance Forum, throws some light on the changes in child behavior due to the negative impact of online gaming and said that the Indian gaming industry is all over the world and hence there should be some specific format for the same in which children will play while learning something new and innovative. AI chatbots are nowadays very common to be friends of students and parents should keep an eye on that. Responsible gaming should be taught to children to prevent Blue whale scenarios.The event was concluded by other youth Panelists discussing Regulating Online Gaming: Balancing Innovation and Child Protection, which was moderated by Mr. Dhruv Garg, AIGF, and was attended by Mr. Peter Borges, Chairperson, SCPCR, Goa, Mr. Nisheeth Dixit, Advocate, Cyber, Supreme Court, Ms. Aditi Singh Tomar, Operational Manager, Dream eSports, India, and Shailendra Vikram Kumar, SAP, Director, National Security Governance. The event was also graced by Shanker Jaiswal, IPS, Jt Commissioner of Police, CyPad, Delhi Police with his presence.


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