Film ‘Happan Sangwala’ to be screened for the first time at ‘Cannes Film Festival’ in France

The film is produced by Ghaziabad native Ravi Yadav and Shweta Singh 'Uma' from France


Ashok Yadav | Editor

The short film ‘Happan Sangwala’ was screened for the first time on 20 May at the highly respected international event ‘Cannes Film Festival’.

Last year, the film ‘Happan’ was shot in Inayatpur and Raghunathpur villages of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The film is produced by Ghaziabad native Ravi Yadav and Russia native Shweta Singh ‘Uma’, directed by Sunil Prem Vyas and the film stars well-known actors Rajendra Gupta and Nirbhay Thakur in lead roles.

Ravi Yadav and Shweta Singh told that the story of the film revolves around the folk theatre form Swang, in which there are two characters and the story progresses through them. Through this film, we want to show the present state of Swang and other such folk arts which have become extinct.

Ravi Yadav says that at one time there were several folk arts like Swang, Dhola, Nautanki, Ragini which used to be the main source of entertainment but today, in the era of TV, films and social media, these arts and the artists associated with them have been marginalized. Made under the banner of ‘Ravi Pictures’ and The Creative Paradise, this film will soon come in front of the audience with a touching subject and social message.

Ravi Yadav is originally residently from Ghaziabad and has been working as an actor and film producer in Mumbai for a long time. Ravi Yadav has also made his mark as a writer and has published many books, a few days ago one of his films ‘Bhookh’ was released on MX Player which received a lot of love and appreciation from the audience.

Ravi Yadav said that it was really great to work with a seasoned artist like Rajendra Gupta. He is as simple and humble a person as he is a good artist.

Sunil Prem Vyas ji, who has directed many films like ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Nandi’, has also directed the film with a lot of heart and hard work. He himself is also a good actor. The director of photography of the film Happn is Pankaj Sharma, who has previously shot many films and ad films as a cameraman.

Other actors of the film include Keshav Sadhana, Vidushi Yadav, Ratan Bharti and Vinay Kumar. The music director of the film is Hrijju Roy and the film is edited by Manoj Mishra. The story, screenplay, dialogues and songs of the film have been written by the film’s producer Ravi Yadav. He thanked the Cannes Film Festival and said that he plans to take ‘Happan Sangwala’ to many more national and international film festivals in the coming days and he has also started working on his new project.


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