Asset Deals : Redefining the property buying experience in Delhi NCR


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Q1. As the Founder & CEO of Asset Deals, what inspired you to establish the company, and what core values do you aim to instill within its culture?

Asset Deals was founded with the vision to offer a better window for the sale and purchase of various properties along with giving consultations related to it, to its customers. We abide by observing transparency in our business, strive to offer reliability to our customers, and also furnish real estate consultations whenever they are needed. These are our foremost commitments

Q2. What are some of the biggest challenges facing the real estate industry? How is your firm helping clients navigate them?

Two of the biggest problems of the real estate industry include the sharp increase in the demand for properties with less options to consider, and the tremendous upsurge in the cost of lands. To deal with them, our firm ensures that our customers are guided through the best possible options available, according to their budgets, so that they may not have to experience inconvenience in buying properties. For the sellers, we ensure that their property is sold at the best rates according to their property’s appraisal, so that they may not feel deceived. Balancing these two aspects, helps us deal with our problems.

Q3. How has the landscape of real estate consultancy changed in recent years?

Real estate industry has experienced a magnificent change over the past few years. Now, there is a large array of choices put forth by our customers in residential properties, commercial properties, and industrial properties. Moreover, the technological inclusivity in this business has also been on a roll. Similarly the concentration of our consultants on various specific choices has too changed this business considerably.

Q4. What types of real estate investments are your clients currently most interested in (e.g., residential flips, commercial development)? Why?

To be honest, our clients have inclined more towards commercial properties than towards residential ones. I think, the chief reason behind this transition is the over blooming entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country which has motivated the youth to set up their own start-ups. And these establishments require office spaces, and hence, the increase.

Q5. In your expert opinion, what are some of the emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on the real estate market in the coming years?

The rampant advancemet of AR/VR along with a large scale promulgation of data and analytics tools in the industry would immensely shape its future virtuously. These would give a virtual understanding of the properties to our customers quite effectively, and would also help in prefiguring the market trends, identifying profitable investments and personalising their client experience. Imagine being described about the property verbally or through brochures, and seeing it virtually through hologramic tools. Obviously, the second one would be much preferable, and hence, it would take this industry to another level.

Q6. In what ways is your firm leveraging technology to improve its services and client communication?

Technology is a boon for entrepreneurs today. Our firm bends it accordingly to suit its purpose. We resort to Organic Marketing by accessing various media platforms that are available in public domain, and also get ourselves advertised properly to be able to reach out a large audience. Moreover, our firm also actively engages in bringing into usage the Data and Analytical tools in its day to day business through which we keep a hawk’s eye on the market trends, which allows us to steer forth in analysing the customer needs without much difficulties. We also use AR VR tools to give our customers a personalised feel in accessing various real estate based options. These are some of the ways in which we use technology to suit our purposes.

Q7. Community service appears to be an integral part of Asset Deals’ identity. How does the company actively contribute to the well-being of the community, and why is this aspect important to you personally?

Community service is catered to by us with an equal attention which we put in carrying out our business deals. Abiding by the values of CSR, we contribute a monthly donation to Earth Saviours Foundation, which looks after the weak and differently abled individuals. Moreover, we also provide weekly ration to the slum kids of sector 65, to ensure that they may not have to suffer from malnutrition. Our firm also caters to the needs of stray dogs by providing them dog food on a daily basis. This is how we carry out our community service.

Q8. Transparency is emphasised as a core principle at Asset Deals. How do you ensure transparency in real estate transactions, and why is it crucial for your clients to feel informed and confident in their decisions?

Our firm makes sure that our customers are made to pay no hidden charges excluding the property costs, and a nominal brokerage to us. We charge very modest amount of brokerage compared to others. It is most essential for the customer to know where their money is being spent. And when they are assured that no unreasonable amount is charged to them, they become convinced of being in a profitable deal, which helps us bind trust with them, overall resulting in the growth of our business

Q9. In terms of communication channels, how does Asset Deals leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with its target audience effectively?

Our firm keeps a steady presence of itself on the social media platforms. Today, social media player a pivotal role in helping businesses grow through different means and ways. We advertise different properties through these media platforms through which, a customer quite frequently gets the information that such-and-such property is available in such-and-such area. Now, the advantage of this is that they may come inquiring about that property which might even make a deal. This is how it helps us.

Q10. Looking ahead, what do you envision for the future of Asset Deals, both in terms of its market presence and its impact on the real estate industry as a whole?

In future, I’m convinced, Asset Deals would have a bigger and larger influence in the market than it currently holds. Our vision and values to which we are bound, help us grow our business judiciously while being on the track of righteousness. We look forward to reshaping the real estate industry drastically by our presence.


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