Empowering Voices and Protecting Lives: ‘Shakti Bhakti Ka Bharat’ Series to create awareness Raise Funds for H2OMovement Walk for Water Walk for Life and specially for the Voiceless


A News Of India (Delhi Bureau report)

New Delhi: The Rotary Club of Delhi MidTown, in collaboration with Par Anand Charitable Trust (PACT), successfully hosted the announcement of the “Shakti Bhakti Ka Bharat Sankar Series” on June 8th at The Imperial New Delhi. The series, which will be presented at the Red Fort with the Sabyata Foundation, was a vibrant celebration of Bharat’s cultural heritage and a significant stride towards empowering and giving voice to the marginalized.

The event featured the unity and confluence of artists from diverse backgrounds, all coming together to support a noble cause. The series will highlight the rich traditions and artistic expressions that define Bharat, fostering a sense of unity and pride among the participants and attendees.

A central theme of the series will be to raise awareness and funds for a free medical facility and ambulance services dedicated to street animals, creating water reservoirs, and planting fruit trees. It also includes specialized care for differently-abled animals, ensuring that even the voiceless receive the compassion and care they deserve.

Dr. Sanjanaa Jon, renowned filmmaker, social activist, and international fashion designer, graced the occasion with her presence and shared her insights:
“It is an honor to be supported by Rotary Midtown for such a profound initiative that not only celebrates our rich cultural heritage but also extends our compassion to the most vulnerable. The ‘Shakti Bhakti Ka Bharat Sankar Series’ is a testament to the power of unity and empathy in creating meaningful change. Together, we work towards the H2OMovement and to amplify the voices of the voiceless, provide them with the care they deserve, and work towards water conservation.”

Ashutosh Lohia, President of Rotary Delhi Midtown, expressed his thoughts:
“We are proud to support the ‘Shakti Bhakti Ka Bharat Sankar Series.’ This initiative is a shining example of how cultural heritage can be leveraged to address pressing social issues. Our community’s commitment and the collective efforts of all involved will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of the voiceless and vulnerable.”

Shinjini Kulkarni from the Kathak Maharaj family also added:
“The ‘Shakti Bhakti Ka Bharat Sankar Series’ beautifully merges the arts with activism. As an artist, it is fulfilling to see our cultural expressions contributing to such meaningful causes. We look forward to witnessing the positive change this series will bring.”

The Rotary Club of Delhi MidTown and PACT extend their heartfelt gratitude to all the artists, volunteers, and participants who have committed to contributing to the success of this movement. Their dedication and support will be instrumental in making a huge difference to our community, especially the voiceless.


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