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@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: Bumper-to-bumper traffic, long waits at traffic signals, over-packed public transport, expensive cab services are making office commute difficult, making it further more difficult to strike the balance between professional and personal life. People are spending more time in the traffic instead of spending that time with their families. Reports of employees feeling tired and stressed due to commute is very common today. It is everybody’s wish to find roads with less traffic, buses with seats available and reasonable cab rides – which had seemed to stay elusive until now. Quick Ride is a mobile app for carpooling which helps users to beat these traffic woes. India’s Largest carpooling community, It is developed by a team of enthusiastic IT professionals who came together to resolve these daily commuting problems instead of cursing the system. The app dynamically connects the employees of various organizations to share a ride together who are travelling on the same route. The app also covers important aspects like security which is 4 layered, real time sharing, cashless payments and other advanced features. Started in 2014, the first version of the app was launched in Bengaluru in 2015. By end of 2016 it emerged as the most preferred commuting option for 50000+ users. Currently, Quickride is India’s largest carpooling community with 1 Million+ users and 10 Million+ Carpool rides already shared till date. Quick Ride is a trusted carpooling partner for enterprises like Wipro, Infosys, IBM, TCS, Cognizant, Philips, NOKIA, EMC, Ericsson, and others including some major Tech Parks, helping them improve vehicle movement by reducing number of vehicles. Quick Ride enables efficient usage of available natural resources and helps reduce CO2 emission. Quick Ride thus gives a complete alternative, cost saving & eco-friendly solution to daily office commute. In Delhi, so far more than 70000+ users are registered and are growing at the rate of more than 1000 users joining /day. Delhi NCR users have shared 2.14 lacs KM along with saving 51 Tons+ KG of CO2 reduced till date. Speaking about the key differentiators for Quick Ride from competition, Co-Founder, Shobhana, mentions “Quick Ride is a revolutionary product and the best in its league in terms of the technology. Team Quick Ride gives high importance to technology, analytics and continuous improvement. User experience is way superior when compared to other ride sharing platforms”.

Founder, KNM Rao, mentions “Quick Ride helps in tapping the untapped. While the world is witnessing the power of cloud computing, Quick Ride helps to unleash the power of ‘Cloud of Wheels”. Unlike other Carpool solutions, Quick Ride does end to end automation of carpool system with enterprise security features. Quick Ride’s specially designed “Green commuting campaign” is helping enterprises to practice carpooling effectively to deliver concrete results. One of the larger IT companies has 28% of its users sharing rides on Quick Ride and achieved 12% optimization for parking lots”. Proud to say Top 7 out of 10 IT companies in India, carpools with QuickRide. User Jaanam says “Quick ride is a great way to carpool at your own convenient time. I have met a lot of people through Quick Ride and made good friends. I am no longer guilty of driving alone – I do my bit to reduce traffic”. User Saba says “Quick Ride is the right step to make your travel eco-friendly. It is pocket friendly as well. Quick rides are safe as you travel with verified colleagues”.


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