iCFDR Distributed Food Ration and Essential Items in Slum Areas


New Delhi: A large scale distribution drive was conducted by Indian Centre of Development & Rights(iCFDR). They distributed essential items and food ration at three slums located near PSRI Bus Stand Saket, Okhla Mod MB Road Bus Stand and near JMI, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. iCFDR is a humanitarian organisation based in Delhi which
works on upliftment of marginalized and weaker sections of the society.

The food ration kits comprised of various items including wheat flour, rice, dal, cooking oil, salt, masala, sugar and many more needful things. They distributed to 150 families for 15 days which would roughly impact 1000 persons positively. Founder Adv Ravindra Vikram guided the drive to provide relief through crowd funding campaign by iCFDR.

iCFDR also conducted an awareness campaign on COVID-19, illustrating precautions and myths about corona virus and the crisis situation emerging from the global pandemic. Adv Ravindra Vikram commented, “In the current time, it’s important the humanitarian work of relief is done with adequate precaution by frontline workers and with responsibility as each one of us is at the risk of spreading the dreadful virus. And given huge majority of India is below poverty line its is of utmost importance that we stand with those who have no one to stand with them and are economically marginalised.”


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