More Than Dozen Monkeys Found Dead In Suspicious Condition

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Diamond Yadav | Correspondent/Noida Desk

Moradabad:  Police and local administration swung into action when they got information  about death of more than a dozen monkeys in Moondapande area under ​​Moradabad district. Moradabad police has started investigating the matter and further cause of death of monkey shall be known only after post mortem of the monkeys are conducted.

 The matter is related to Afzalpur forest of Moondapande area, in Moradabad this morning. The Moradabadbad police had received information that some monkeys are found dead in suspicious condition in the area. More than 12 monkeys were seen dead in an barren field. Initially it seems that it caused due to the possibility of infection. The district administration has started collecting Information related to the death of monkeys which was further also shared to the Forest Department for containment programme.

The Forest Department also reached the spot and inspected the bodies of monkeys for collecting evidence to ascertain the cause of death of more than a dozen monkeys. The officials and veterinary doctors are also involved in investigation in order to ascertain cause of death.

The bodies of monkeys have been sent for post-mortem.
 The death of so many monkeys together has created a stir in the area, as it is a gossip of common people in the area. Some body have also connected this health to religious value and some have describes it as a pre  arrival of natural disasters in the country.

This simultaneous death of these religious wild animals has definitely caused discomfort among common people and many feel it and see it as hidden religious sentiments among the local people.


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