Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2020 Raises Rs 31 lakh within One Month for Various Causes

~ ADHM has successfully raised over Rs 77 crore since its inception ~ ~ #ADHMMovesMe to do more than usual for the less fortunate ~


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi:  We all hear about the difficulties, every section of Society has faced during these unprecedented times, none more than the lower economic background section served by the Civil Society Organisations – CSOs/ NGOs across country. When ADHM was announced, many wondered if people had any more funds to ‘Give’, but we are happy to announce that Rs 31 lakh has already been raised by the participating causes in the 2020 edition, within a month of announcement!

Your hearts will be warmed to know that over 2,500 Individuals dipped deeper into their pockets to make up 60% of these donations, proving that nothing can faze the human intent of doing good.

During a virtual media conference on Wednesday, a panel of fundraisers – Aditi Someshwar, a student of Pathways School, Dr Geetanjali Chopra, founder of Wishes and Blessing and Charulekha Khandelwal, head, fundraising department at Action for Ability Development and Inclusion (AADI) discussed the importance of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon as a philanthropy platform.

“It’s been difficult to raise funds in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, the frustration of seeing people in difficulty has kept me inspired to do good for our society. If we don’t do anything ourselves and keep waiting for other people to do something then nothing will happen. I raised over Rs 2 lakh through ADHM in the last edition and I am looking forward to raising more funds for the betterment of our society this year,” said Aditi Someshwar.

The ADHM philanthropy pillar driven by India Cares Foundation has seen phenomenal growth.  The event has successfully raised over Rs 77 crore since its inception making millions of lives better through 400+ CSOs/ NGOs.  

India Cares, engages 24/7 with CSOs, companies, and individuals to communicate the work and impact of philanthropy at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to the rest of the Society. 

The 2020 edition of the event has 25 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs/ NGOs)  reaching out through the platform to create awareness about their work and serve as an inspiration to all. A total of 8 companies have fielded 400 employees for various causes; 12 Care Champions, a Millennial Champion and 20 Covid Care Fundraisers have shown that everyone comes together to support one another during difficult times.

The adversity faced today has made us better as a Race, more people have understood the importance of the NGOs who have been on the frontlines, so when this platform of ADHM is provided, all are willing to support to get the regular programmes back. They support the less fortunate; though it’s a debatable term as in these times we all become equal, and lifting one another is the only way forward – Dr Rupande Padaki, Chairperson, India Cares.

Adding to this, Vivek Singh, Jt, Managing Director, Procam International shared, “Kudos to India Cares Foundation and numerous CSOs/ NGOs for making Airtel Delhi Half Marathon one of the major platforms for philanthropy across the world. We have immense gratitude and admiration for the people who have extended their support with their generosity in a very critical time. We are very happy to note that 50% of the Great Delhi Run 5KM entry fee will be treated as a donation amount for this year’s edition. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to make additional donations towards charity (top-up donation) at the time of registration for any race category. We hope to continue making a positive impact on millions of lives, through this unique platform.”

ADHM is the biggest opportunity for the CSOs/ NGOs to be a part of the Society, talk about their work and get the required support. Funds can be raised even after Race Day till 15 December 2020.

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