Mahant Narayan Giri Ji Flagged Off Trucks Having Groceries For Kumbh Fair at Haridwar


@ Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: like every Kumbh Mela in Haridwar Kumbh Mela Sripanchadshnam Juna Akhada on behalf of the Ghaziabad Dudheshwar temple, a bhandara is put up in Haridwar fair this year too. A bhandara will be set up for saints and sages, in which everyone will get tea and have a snack, which is planted in every Kumbh Mela towards Dudheshwarnath temple towards Shri Dudheshwar Annapurna Bhandar, which is the truck of ration and essential goods from Ghaziabad Dudheshwarnath temple on 25th February, Haridwar Kumbh will leave for Mahaperva Mela, which was flagged off by Shree Mahant Narayan Giri Ji Maharaj Spokesperson Shri Panch Dasnama Juna Akhara and Chairman of Temple Development Committee Dharam Pal Garg, which will run this Bhandara under the patronage of Shrimant Narayan Giri Ji Maharaj Dudheshwar Peetadheshwar Ghaziabad Ration material is being sent for storage with special support of development committee chairman and famous social worker Shridharmpal Garg ji, in which flour, all types of pulses, rice, oil, maida, Panchmeva cashews raisins, sugar, etc., are being sent to all needy materials, which will run continuously for two months, in which 20 confectioners have been brought from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The system will be held which will keep the Sridudheshwar Annapurna store. Haridwar Kumbh Mela Ganga Mahia darshan of all you devotees and there will be a royal bath on the Kumbh occasion, which is the first time Kumbh is being held for such a short time due to the Korana festival. Earlier Kumbh used to run for more than four months. The three royal baths will take place from April 1 to 28. The first Shahi Snan will take place on 12 April (Somvati Amavasya), the second on 14 April (Baisakhi) and the third on 27 April (Purnima), for which Bhandara will run continuously, on this occasion, the temple’s monk Shrimant Narayan Giriji Maharaj said that Haridwar Kumbh will be held on the Mahaparva of the fair. Mother Annapurna is always happy by serving all the saints, saints and devotees and others, Lord Shiva is happy with no problem. Because they say Giver of food, Kamalapati, the giver of always happy clothes Bhandara will continue to run in Haridwar, near Hanumanji, under the leadership of Shree Panchadashanam Juna Akhara Lalitara Bridge. Today, the truck departed from here by worshiping Lord Dudheshwar and chanting Lord Bholenath with the chanting and chanting by the teachers and students of Dudheshwar Vidyapith, especially Srimanta Narayan Giri Ji Maharaj and Chairman of Temple Development Committee Dharmapal Garg Ji (grandson Anuj Garg) The truck was departed by breaking the coconut with the mantracharan and flagged off. This Vijay Singal Vijay Mittal President Shrungar Committee, Acharya Toyaraj, Vikas Pandey and other devotees were present.


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