Congress Supports Bharat Bandh on 27th Sept


@ Diamond Yadav | Sr Journalist

Moradabad:Statement given by Congress leader Sachin Chaudhary in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh clarifies Congress stands in favour of Bharat Bandh called by Kisan United Front yesterday.
Uttar Pradesh Congress State Secretary Sachin Chaudhary says that Congress Stands with the farmer in all conditions and everywhere.

The Congress Secretary said on increasing the support price of sugarcane by Rs 25, that the Yogi government has estimated the status of the farmer at Rs 5 per year, so in the government of four and a half years, the price of sugarcane has been increased by only Rs 25, Sachin Chaudhary did not stop for so long. He even talked about the resignation of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and said that Baba now will go to Gorakhpur to ring the bell.


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