Sikh Leader Ripudaman Singh Shot Dead in Canada


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Canada: What is the secret behind the murder of Sikh leader Ripudaman Singh Malik?
Sikh leader Ripudaman Singh Malik, who was acquitted of 1985 Air India blast charges, was shot dead in Vancouver, Canada late last night. According to eyewitnesses, three shots were heard near his house. The firing was done from very close range. He died on the spot. Ripudaman was booked for hijacking Air India’s Kanishk plane and blowing it up. However, he was acquitted in this case.
It is not yet known why Ripudaman was shot. Police suspect that the attackers had come in a car, then riding a bike went near Ripudaman and opened fire. Later they burnt the car to destroy the evidence. Footage of a burning car has surfaced. This car was found burning some distance away from the place of murder. Ripudaman’s family members said, ‘When he was going home from office in a car, he was attacked.’
Ripudaman was earlier a supporter of Khalistan Movement
Ripudaman was earlier a supporter of Khalistan Movement, but later his ideology changed. Till the last moment, he used to inspire the people of the Sikh community to stay away from the separatist leaders. In January this year, he praised PM Modi. Along with this, thanked the Modi government for the steps taken for the Sikh community. It is being claimed that Malik was killed for praising Modi.
Started career as a cab driver
Ripudaman went to Canada in 1972. He started his career as a cab driver. Later became a successful businessman. He was the president of Khalsa Credit Union (KCU), which had a net worth of over $110 million. Ripudaman was the President of the Satnam Education Society of Canada and ran the Khalsa School. Apart from Canadian curriculum, Punjabi language and Sikh history are also taught in his school.


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