Confidence plays an important role in keeping your point well in the society:Shruti Seth


Anoi bureau

Mumbai: Since life doesn’t come with a manual, we often end up finding ourselves in situations that we are unable to handle. While it is a learning process, a little insight, and guidance from someone with more experience, wouldn’t hurt. Actress Shruti Seth has been through her share of experiences that made her wish she knew better – it was this thought that led to the creation of her community, I wish I knew this sooner on coto, a social community app for women. This platform enables women to give each other a ‘heads up’ on potential difficult situations in life while also empowering them at the same time.
Shruti admits that unlike her much-loved character of Jiya from Shararat, women cannot change things by snapping their fingers. At this point, her coto community comes to the rescue, which is all about sharing wisdom with each other that we wish someone spoke to us about. Through her own experiences and lessons, she acquired at different stages in life, she shares invaluable knowledge with the community. She will bring women together who will give insights into different phases of motherhood and relationships.
“The process of learning is never-ending. With so many things happening in one’s life, one is bound to get overwhelmed, especially when there is no guidance. With my community, I wish I knew this sooner, I want to provide that guiding light to women, so they can make informed decisions about any aspect of their lives,” said Shruti Seth. She continues, “Through this platform, all women can benefit from the perspective of those who’ve already faced difficulties and gain skills to better tackle daily life issues in the future. This initiative further promotes a mutual exchange of knowledge and wisdom between members, creating an atmosphere tailored towards growth and learning.”


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