UP By-elections: BJP eager to attack the last in Azam Khan’s political fort ‘Swar’!


Sudama Pal | Associate Editor

Uttar Pradesh: The two assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh for which by-elections are going to be held on May 10 include Swar assembly seat in Rampur district and Chanbe assembly seat in Mirzapur district. Rampur’s Swar seat fell vacant after SP leader Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam’s membership was canceled and Rahul Prakash Kaul, MLA of BJP alliance’s Apna Dal (S) from Chanbe assembly seat, died.

Notification has been issued for the by-elections on both these assembly seats. Nominations will be held till April 26 for the by-elections to be held on these seats. Both these seats will go to polls on May 10, while the election results will be declared on May 13.

From the point of view of power, victory or defeat in the by-elections on these two seats does not matter for the BJP, but still the BJP is eyeing the Swar seat of Rampur. The reason for this is that the BJP is eager to nail the last coffin (Swar) of SP leader Azam Khan’s political fort. BJP wants to destroy the political legacy of Azam Khan by winning the by-election on this seat.

Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam has been MLA from Swar seat for 2 times, but unfortunately his MLA membership was canceled both the times. This time, Azam Khan would hardly be able to muster the courage to field any member of his family, so BJP’s strategy is that the way BJP snatched Azam Khan’s Rampur seat after his Lok Sabha membership expired, in the same way in the by-elections If the BJP captures the vacant Swar seat due to the cancellation of the membership of his son Abdullah Azam, then it will be able to put the last nail in the coffin of Azam’s political fort.

Azam Khan, a resident of district Rampur, who has been a force to be reckoned with in the politics of Uttar Pradesh for several decades, has now become a stranger not only in the field of politics, but also in his own city Rampur. Politically today he has no status left. To say, he is currently the National General Secretary of Samajwadi Party, but neither Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav is giving him any importance, nor Azam Khan is now taking any interest in the activities of the party.

The condition of Azam Khan being in the circle of political stars is that at present none of his family members is either a Member of Parliament or a Member of the Legislative Assembly. Whereas at one time Azam, his wife and son were members of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. Azam Khan has been a member of Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha 10 times, but today there are none. People definitely elected him as their representative, but the law took away his parliamentarianship from him.

In the politics of the country, this credit also goes to the family of Azam Khan, in which the membership of the father (Azam Khan) in the Lok Sabha and the membership of the son (Abdullah Azam) were canceled not once but twice in a row after being convicted in a criminal case. Has gone Now it has to be seen whether Azam Khan again manages to win the Swar seat for someone close to him or this time he will again have to face defeat in front of BJP’s strategy.


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