Genrobotics Innovation Honored on Forbes’ List of Top 200 Companies for DGEMS Summit 2023


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Forbes has officially announced Genrobotic Innovations among the top 200 companies at DGEMS 2023, in partnership with D Globalist. This announcement underscores Genrobotic Innovations’ significant contributions to the field of robotics, highlighting their remarkable dedication to innovation and global influence. Genrobotics’ extensive global potential and transformative impact on the robotics industry played a pivotal role in Forbes’ selection of the company among the best 200 companies.

The Forbes 200 Companies acknowledgment highlights Genrobotic Innovations’ exceptional achievements and its potential to create a significant impact internationally. The company’s dedication to creating pioneering technologies in robotics has not only earned recognition but has also positioned it as a key player in the global market.

Genrobotic Innovations has consistently demonstrated a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in robotics. With a strong focus on addressing real-world challenges, their innovative solutions have garnered attention and accolades from industry leaders and experts.

“As a team, we are honoured and thrilled to be recognized by Forbes as one of the top 200 companies in the field of robotics,” said Vimal Govind M.K, CEO of Genrobotic Innovations. “This acknowledgment reinforces our belief that our work is making a positive impact and shaping the future of robotics. We look forward to continuing our innovation mission and contributing to the advancement of robotics technology.”

This recognition by Forbes solidifies Genrobotic Innovations’ status as a leading company in the field of robotics, dedicated to creating cutting-edge robotic solutions that address real-world challenges. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to improve the world through robotics, Genrobotic Innovations has gained recognition and acclaim on a global scale. Bandicoot, the world’s first robotic scavenger which was developed by Genrobotics, is today operating in around 19 states of India, 3 Union Territories, and ASEAN regions. In addition to this, Genrobotics’ mission has changed the lives of over 3000 + sanitation workers through its Mission Robo-hole project by training them as robotic operators.

G-Gaiter, a gait training robot recently launched by Genrobotics, is helping paraplegic patients for faster recovery. G-Gaiter has entered the picture to provide an alternative and better solution to the issues with the conventional gait training method. Genrobotics is achieving a remarkable feat, as they were previously listed in Forbes 30 under 30, showcasing their exceptional talent and innovation.


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