MDI Gurgaon and RANEPA, Russia’s leading universities in the areas of public policy and business administration are exploring collaboration opportunities


@Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Gurgaon: Reckoned for producing the best-in-class managers for Indian and the global corporate world since its inception, India’s premier and one of the oldest management institutes – Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon has assemblage more of the opportunities by welcoming the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA),Moscow Russia  to visit MDI Gurgaon for possible collaborations in future. The visit of Russian delegates was solely aimed to get acquainted with the work of faculty colleagues, exchange ideas, skills & contacts, and to study foreign experiences.

The delegates from Russian institution visited MDI, Gurgaon campus to study methods and technologies that they practice in the context of imparting education on foreign experience. This initiative of MDI Gurgaon with RANEPA will be a start of a blossoming relationship between two reputed institutions. As the Director Department of Academic Educational Initiatives, RANEPA Prof Inna Gazieva (Ph.D) said “She believes in exchange of experience. So is the aim of this visit exchanging students, professionals and setting up conferences. I am impressed with MDI and was eager for discussing future collaboration possibilities and signing MOU.”

RANEPA is providing high-quality business education for a new generation of leaders. This offers wide array of academic opportunities in the field of management. It is a traditional and a national leader in providing public-management and ranked among the top 100 institutions worldwide.

Prof Shailendra K Rai, Chairperson-International Relations comforted the delegation and discussed the intensive activities of joint research and exchange programs that MDI is sharing with international partners, he further explained the Russian delegates about the help that international partnership has rendered students in practical and conceptual learning, faculty exchanging ideas and innovative approach in research and teaching. MDI’s focus on research and involvement of international faculty, in the selection of research committee members from overseas institution is a set exemplar of it.

Prof. Shailendra Kumar Rai said “The efforts at the internationalization of business education are no more fashionable today rather has become a reality, as world has become closer than ever. Today the internationalization activities at business schools become the most important goal. Business schools have been giving more focus at the internationalization of not only for their MBA programs but also for short-term training programs designed for middle and senior level executives. It helps them creating global mindset and also to provide exposure to the global reality of business.”

The round table meeting mentioned about building new partners precisely focusing on research that is based on cutting edge technology. Distinctively, focusing on the strong Indo-Russian relations and inter-cultural understanding, this will make a strong bond in this academic partnership.

Prof Atmanand Director Additional Charge, MDI Gurgaon mentioned “Both institutes have great potential of cooperation in area of business management, public policy and during the discussion several areas were identified for joint collaboration and both the institutions decided for a long term association.”


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