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Kasganj: A women in her mid thirty was allegedly poured kerosene and then burnt by her husband; Rajesh in Viraunchi village under police station Soron  in  Kasganj district. When hue and cry of women came out of her house, the villagers ran away towards her house and taken the women to the nearest district hospital in burnt condition, from where she was sent to Aligarh Medical College, after providing primary treatment, where doctor informed her condition is still critical. The women has 88% burn.

Primafaceae, it came to the notice that the husband of women Rekha; Rajesh used to beat her regularly and she had informed her parents and brother. Even the brother of Rekha; Vishesh Kumar rushed to sister house take him back to his native place. As soon as Vishesh Kumar reached Viranuchi to receive her sister Rekha seeing his brother -in-law law at his house to accompany his sister to his village, Rajesh angerd and lost his temper and also pured kerosene oil kept in a can on Vishesh and thereafter on his sister Rekha. Rekha tried to save her brother and puzhed him out of the house. When Vishesh came out of Rajesh’s house he called police on “dial 100” and informed about the incident. When policeand Vishesh again came came inside Rekha’ house and reached closed to her, Rekha was crying and lying unconscious on a bed and her body was burnt. No body from her family including husband, brother-in-law, sister -in-law was there and they had left the home leaving Rekha alone crying. Mean while the villagers collected at Rajesh house hearing crying of Rekha and taken her to the hospital. They understood that Rajesh and other relatives burnt Rekha, as Rajesh had already poured kerosene of Rekha for her burning purpose, in front of Vishesh, as alleged by victim’ brother.

Vishesh informed this entire fact to “A News Of India” how the villagers taken away her sister to the hospital where doctor described her 88% burnt and her condition serious as alleged.

Thereafter As soon as Vishesh Viranchi lodged a formal complaint to the incharge of area police chauki and a copy of the complaint given to the police is with “A News Of India” but police has not yet lodged FIR so far.

Written Complaint By Vishesh ( Brother of Rekha), Given to Chowki Incharge

“A News of India” Principal Correspondent when contacted Station Officer of Soron Kotwali; Ripu Daman, he informed “we have not yet received any formal complaint from the family of victim. As soon as we will reveived the complaint FIR will be lodged and investigation shall be carried out in due course of time.”

On the other hand, the family of the victim informed this correspondent that police has hand in globe with the accused as they are having money and muscle both the powers. Even after giving names of all the accused who were involved in pouring kerosene on Rekha and burning her alive and their names were disclosed as  Rajesh Kumar, Rajpal Singh, Hetram and Geeta in the FIR written which was personally handed over to the chauki Incharge, himself personally. But even after 24 hours, police has become silent spectator in this heinous crime, as their palms have been greased by the accused of this case. Even all the accused has fled away to another place after living their village to a safe place, as police is guiding them, as alleged.

On the other hand, “A News Of India” tried to talk to SP Kasganj in this regard, but all its efforts got futile, as he never picked the mobile phone calls, called from different numbers today from “A News Of India”.


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