National Conference on “Packaging for A Better Life” begins in Delhi

The first day saw the attendance of 700 people who especially came to attend the conference despite of various challenges.


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: To boost the importance of Packaging and to create awareness of the modern techniques in Packaging, the Indian Institute of Packaging, Delhi Centre, has organized two days’ national conference on “Packaging for a Better Life” in Delhi. The conference started today, will finish on 28th February 2020. The event also saw the unveiling of technical book by IIP “Packaging of Better Life”.

The event was attended by Mr.Anup Wadhwan, IAS Commerce Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India, who grace the occasion as Chief Guest. Mr.Keshav Chandra, IAS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India, was Guest of Honour at the event. Other dignitaries who attended the event included Mr.Subodh Gupta Chairman Indian Institute of Packaging, Mr.Sunil Jain Chairman Indian Institute of Packaging Delhi Centre, Dr. Tanweer Alam, Director Indian Institute of Packaging and Mr.Madhab Chakraborty, Joint Director and Head Delhi Centre.

Talking about the event, Mr.Anup Wadhwan, IAS Commerce Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India, shared “Packaging apart from basic function of preservation, has bigger role to play in the underlying process of enhancing the life of a product. The subject matter of this conference is very appropriate, as ultimately the goal is to achieve sustainability, by using material which are bio-degradable or are may be reusable. I have also heard about flexible packaging which is very interesting  upcoming trend. We cannot allow packaging as a source of waste, making eco-system suffer.

He further said, “We need to address these issue as soon as possible. Our vision has to be very comprehensive. We need to depend and extend the richness of our institutional structure which is very shallow at present and as far as India is concerned our expert bodies & expert institutions like IIP are few and far between and even the industry in terms of entrepreneurship is very narrow as compared to the world. There is need for all stakeholder to emphasis on address these issues and modernise and innovate the processes.  Even the skilling and training infrastructure to be widened. Packaging has so much potential of expanding and there is more need of much richer institutional structure. Another thing I wish for stakeholders is to encourage partnerships globally for development in technology and material science and sanitary part. This is an area we need to focus on

The two-day conference is designed to impart knowledge on the latest trends in packaging and the developments in today’s world. The speakers in this two-day conference will deliberate about the latest packaging technologies and techniques including the innovations in the industry with new technologies being implemented and also various challenges and issues in Packaging related to environment and sustainable packaging will be deliberated. The significance of this conference is to have an awareness amongst the packaging fraternity and to boost the participants to adopt the newer practices in the Packaging field.

Today, India is known as “Food factory to the world” as the country is 2nd largest producer of food, next to China. India is also the world’s largest producer of cereals and milk, 2nd largest producers of rice, wheat, sugar, fruit & vegetables, 3rd largest producer of cotton and 7th largest producer of fish (which include both inland & marine fish). Today, India ranks 5th among 30 emerging retail markets in developing counties.

Increased income levels, cheap credit facilities, higher disposable income have resulted in greater spending and consumption among consumers. Increased mobility, exposure, increased aspirations and availability of a wider range and products, have also contributed to shifts in spending orientation. There is an increasing trend of a shift from food security to nutritional security and convenience shopping in the recent past.

Though, the packaging used to be neglected for quite some time but, in recent days, its importance is realized and today, it is recognized by the product manufacturer, traders, retailers, and end-users. Over some time, packaging has grown in multidimensional ways and it is regarded as a vital marketing tool. Better packaging results in the protection and safe transportation of products; reduce loss and damage, wastage of products and produce. It enhances product value and also helps to expand markets within and outside the country. Better packaging also contributes to environmental protection and ecological balance.

This two-day conference, supported by the Ministry of Commerce, addressed various issues and challenges on Packaging Industry and provided a common knowledge platform for suppliers, channel partners, companies to exchange their views as well benefit with the solutions provided during the conference. The event is attended by more than 700 people from the industry


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