A Ten Year Boy Anant Josain Recites A Beautiful Poem on India-China Relationship


@ Anoi Bureau

As the escalating aggressive situations between India and China few days ago, there are probable chances of a conventional war between them. But the whole Indians are overwhelmed with pride by the military victory of Indian soldiers against the Chinese soldiers at Galwan which is the ultimate proof that India will stand it’s ground whenever threatened. This inspirational victory paved a way for patriotism in the minds of toddlers in India.

One of the best examples of awakening true Nationalism is Anant Josain, a ten year old child from Ghaziabad, UttarPradesh. He recited a poem written by Mr. Jai Bharadwaj with sheer pride and vibrant voice which aroused a sense of vigorousness in the hearts of Indians and a cut throat reply to China. In his rebellious poem, it states that China is to be found guilty from Corona to Galwan. So the Indian soldiers with their sovereignty and esteemed spirits are ready to fight and they are backed with high support from other powerful countries. Anant Josain should be praised for his true spirit of devotion towards nation and we strongly need such budding citizens for the betterment of the country.

Listen The poem below


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