Suspected death of another corona patient in 10 days, suicide of corona patient by jumping from sixth floor of TMU.


Diamond Yadav| Sr. Correspondent

 Moradabad: A Corona-positive patient has committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor of TMU covid 19 Hospital, located on Delhi Road, Moradabad, on receipt of information police officers have also reached the spot.
 The death of two Corona patients in the last ten days has caused a stir in the district administration, according to the police, the person who committed suicide is Rajesh Kumar, and they are given two days  Already admitted to being infected with corona, he was admitted on the sixth floor of TMU, this floor is reserved for private patients, he has committed suicide by jumping from where the whole case is being investigated,
 Just last week, a 28-year-old Corona-infected woman died during a fall from the second floor, after which TMU covid Hospital was under suspicious, and today a bank employee jumped from the building to take the suit  Later, TMU Hospital has come under target again.
 In relation to the case, SP City Amit Anand said that the CCTV footages have been taken and they have been seen jumping from the window of the room and are being investigated.


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